How Much Can You Keep in Your Head?

While I couldn’t imagine living without my calendars and datebook, I also realize that single parenting has expanded my brain capacity in many ways. There just seems to be things that I HAVE to keep in my head. I’m not sure if this is actually good for me and will help me ward of dementia, or if it is wearing my brain out long before its time… Now don’t get me wrong, I make my share of blunders and I can remember clearly forgetting to take care of something I was supposed to take care of, but on the whole, … Continue reading

Taking Back 9-11

It’s the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Like Pearl Harbor before it, September 11th is a day that will live in infamy for our generation. My daughter, who will be 7 in November, has no real clear cut idea of what today means. She just knows that today is a sad day. She cannot comprehend what happened. She cannot fathom the depth of grief, fear or pain that occurred. I am glad. Taking Back Today I remember each and every detail of the day in stark relief. I remember the way the house smelled. I remember the clothes … Continue reading

Remembering The Memories

When I am teaching journaling classes, I am often asked, how I go about remembering the memories I’ve created. It really is not difficult. With any amount of time that goes by, you are sure to forget details and not remember something you might wish you had. There are a few things to help you along. First, if you hear something funny or that you wish to remember, write it down. On a napkin, or a piece of paper, or whatever you happen to have around. The actual act of writing it down, can sometimes etch it into your brain … Continue reading

Letters of Love – Forget Me Not

Sometimes, we mourn the one that got away. There can be any number of reasons why a relationship doesn’t work out. There are times when our mutual interests dissipate and what brought us together is no longer there. It can be a change in goals, a change in location – or simply a change of heart. Our Letter of Love today is from a woman who is writing to the one who got away. Forget Me Not Dear Michael, You once accused me of being crazy and kooky. You said I did things on impulse and that I would one … Continue reading

Five Years Later: Let Us Take a Moment . . .

Remember, remember the 11th of September when airplanes, terrorists and plots. I see no reason why the attacks should ever be forgot. Yes, that is a twist on the Guy Fawkes rhyme, but I think it’s appropriate in its own way this morning. I have witnessed several disasters in my life, including watching the television when the Challenger exploded during takeoff during my middle school science class. I remember the frightening images of the Waco compound burning. I remember being in New York in 1993 when explosions rocked the World Trade Center from bombs in the parking garage. I remember … Continue reading

Do You Remember Your Memories?

Can you close your eyes and remember your past? Is it easy to remember what happened last month, but not as easy to remember what happened last year? According to research, what is commonly called memory is not a single, simple function. It is a complex system of different components and processes. There are at least three, and very likely more, distinct memory processes. Each process differs with respect to function, the form of information that is held, the length of time information is retained, and the amount of information-handling capacity. Memories are precious commodities, not to be taken for … Continue reading