Doing the Christmas Wrap

Yesterday was wrapping day. We don’t give huge gifts, and we’re not getting anything that wriggles. Nonetheless, it was a bit of a project. If you’re into recycling and reusing like I am, Christmas wrapping is a mental stretch. I have a couple of rolls of old wrapping paper in my basement, and I do use them occasionally. However, the fact that they’ve lived with me since we arrived in our house over seven years ago tells me that I don’t tend to use a lot of wrapping paper. What do we do instead? Chocolate boxes, cookie containers, and old … Continue reading

Coffee and Scrapbooking – Organization and Storage You’ll Love

If you have been reading the scrapbooking blog for any period of time at all, you would know that finding innovative scrapbook storage is a major goal for me. On everything from ribbon storage to finding a way to store pens and markers, to finding items in weird places, I am always on the watch for something new! I have discovered a way to enjoy two of my favorite things, well perhaps three when you think of organization. I am a major coffee drinker and periodically I treat myself to the Starbucks or Godiva chocolate coffee drinks you can buy … Continue reading

Fun and Frugal Uses for Leftover Balloons

My son’s birthday was on Friday, and of course we had balloons. I use balloons a lot around my house in various ways, and until I was reminded this weekend, I almost forgot to share some of the creative and frugal things you can do with balloons. It is amazing the everyday things we take for granted, when we can use them all over again in a frugal way. Usually when you buy a bag of balloons, you don’t blow them all up. Perfect for using them in other ways around the house. Laundry Room My favorite place to use … Continue reading

Frugal Uses For Club Soda

Club soda has many great uses beyond a delicious drink. It is also inexpensive and easy to find. Finding creative uses for products I have in my home regularly, is important to me. It helps me keep my frugal lifestyle and save money purchasing several separate products that can do the same thing. Cleaning Club soda can be used to help keep porcelain sinks and fixtures clean. Pour it right over the mess and use a paper towel to wipe it up. It cleans quickly and effectively. Also cleans counters, and other surfaces easily. Club soda can remove rust stains … Continue reading

Reusing Old Photo Albums

Always one for a cheap solution to a common problem, I found some ways to recycle and reuse, my old photo albums. I put them to good use, turning them into scrapbook albums, that are fun and fancy and work just as well. The benefits of reusing a typical photo album, are excellent. First, an old photo album, is typically described, as a three ring binder style album, that is filled with, what are referred to, as magnet pages. Those are the sticky pages in which you place photographs and then cover with the clear plastic sheet, provided within. To … Continue reading

Use a Little Less…of Wasteful Products

Today we live in a disposable society. We would rather throw something away instead of wash it by hand. A lot of this is because we sometimes fill our lives with so many things that we just don’t have the time to be earth-friendly, healthy, or even just plain economical. It is time that we stop filling our landfills with disposable products and start using less of these things. Here are some ways to replace your favorite disposable products with some better options: 1. Use rags. Save trees and use rags instead of paper towels for most cleaning jobs. Chances … Continue reading