Sample Annual Review for a Home Based Business

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of evaluating your performance and the performance of your home – based business at least once a year. Since I have not evaluated my two home – based businesses yet this year, now is a good time for me to do so. Today I am evaluating my freelance writing business. It is the business that I spend the most time working at, and the business that is my primary source of income. Just so you know exactly what is being evaluated, my freelance writing business is a sole proprietorship. I work part time, between ten and … Continue reading

Have You Done an Evaluation for Your Home Based Business?

At this time of year, many people think back on how their businesses have performed over the past year. If you own and operate your own business, this necessarily involves evaluating your own performance as well. Giving yourself and your business an evaluation may seem unappealing, but it is certainly something doing, at least on an annual basis if not more frequently. Evaluating yourself and your business does not have to be a complicated or time consuming exercise. After all, your time is valuable, and you still (hopefully) have plenty of work to do. The year is not over yet, so … Continue reading

Photo of the Week

I’ve been looking around for a great photo to start off with as I write about great photographs and why they’re important to me. I am a believer that we all like specific photographs for a certain reason that’s personal, but that’s not always explored. I mentioned in an earlier post that I took a class that focused on the rhetoric of photos (basically, what the photos communicate to you in a visual way). I think it’s important to analyze different photographs and how they communicate because I think it makes you a better photographer. You understand better what end … Continue reading

Photoshop Elements 8 New Features

Have you seen the new features in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8? There are some pretty cool things they’ve added that will help you make your photos just what you want with less effort. One of the things I love about Photoshop Elements (verses the full version of Photoshop) is that it’s target use and audience is for touching up photos easily and quickly. There’s no need to be a Photoshop guru to use Elements because it’s made easy for the end user with presets, menus, and these fabulous new features: Have you ever noticed that you tend to want to … Continue reading

Cartoon Review: Chowder

In our home, most all of the television that we watch is something I’ve pulled up from our recorded shows. We rarely watch live television. Because of this, my son hasn’t seen many of the cartoons that are shown on live television. Up until recently, the only cartoons that my son had been exposed to were the following: *Tom & Jerry *Spongebob Squarepants *Looney Toons *Dora the Explorer *Garfield Most of the time, my son watches recorded episodes of Spongebob Squarepants or his dvd collection of seasons of Spongebob. Since he was so interested in everything Spongebob, I never really … Continue reading

Self Reflection as Self Motivation

If I haven’t said so before: I’m a Ph.D. student. One of the things I study is playwriting (writing for the theatre). My instructor recently gave a wonderful final assignment. Our final paper was a guided self-assessment of our work in the field of playwriting over the past 4 months. While I’ve been accustomed to lengthy well documented and researched papers in graduate school I found this one of the most difficult, enjoyable, and learning filled papers I’ve ever written. Do you ever stop for long enough to actually assess what you’ve accomplished in a given set of time? Many … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: July 14th Through July 20th

Did you have a fun weekend with your baby? We had a lot of fun with a trip to New York City. That isn’t the main reason for my absence on Friday, though. We had our Internet connection go down and only restored today. At least the downtime gave me an excuse for extra baby play time! Now, here is the week in review. July 14th Baby Blog Week in Review: July 7th Through July 13th With babies, there is always something new every day. My little one turned two-years-old today. It is hard to believe that this energetic toddler … Continue reading

Hairspray (2008)

Live stage is really where it’s all at. I had the great fortune to see a really fantastic production of ‘Hairspray’ live on stage at Dallas’ Fair Park Music Hall. One of the most magical things that can happen during a stage production is the transportation of the audience to the story that is taking place with the help of some lighting, a few props and the gorgeous voices of the actors and actresses on the stage. In this respect, the current tour of “Hairspray” is a smashing success. We sat just a few rows back as the story of … Continue reading

Computing Week in Review: May 12th Through May 18th

Where do you go when you are online, besides here at, of course? Do you shop, check e-mail, read the news, do research or connect with your friends? What Internet websites would you like to learn more about? Please leave me a comment! Meanwhile, here is the Computing Blog week in review for May 12th through May 18th. May 12th Computing Week in Review: May 5th Through May 11th Have you heard of Sniplits? Our guest blogger, Courtney brings us information all about this interesting website. Other stories this past week include one on the video game that will … Continue reading

Media Week in Review – April 21st-25th

We sure had a lot of fun this week in Media Reviews. Well, we always have fun, and this week was no exception. We started off with a review of “Embittered Justice,” the story of a woman who was accused of a crime she did not commit and could not get anyone to believe her. She was finally set free, but only after time in jail and in court. This is a story of how the justice system can sometimes fail. A fiction novel, it is based on a true story. What is America reading this month? Take a look … Continue reading