How to Reuse Ribbon Scraps

Ribbons are so useful aren’t they? We usually use ribbons for an obvious reason, to tie up packages. Sometimes we even use them in crafts. But ribbon ends can quickly add up, and you may find yourself left with dozens of little pieces that can’t be used for anything els, or can they? If you just can’t bring yourself to toss your bits of ribbon, try using them in one of the following ways. Ribbon can be used to hang a picture for a designer look. You may not actually want to use the ribbon to hang it, because it … Continue reading

Technique Tuesday: Stamping and Dyeing Ribbon

This week’s technique stems from the fact that I have often heard scrapbookers complain that they aren’t enough ribbon colors to match their papers and supplies and they wish for more ribbon colors. If you are a ribbon fiend, these techniques are just what you might be looking for. There are actually two different techniques included in today’s Technique Tuesday. Dyeing Ribbon First off, I recommend beginning with a pure white ribbon. This makes the color truer to what you are looking for, rather than using another shade only to get an odd color at the end. Next, you will … Continue reading

New Product Alert: Cool New Ribbon Storage

Everyone is always looking for storage and organizational solutions for ribbons and fibers. These embellishments are used so often, do not cost a lot and are extremely attractive and colorful additions to your layouts. However, storing them is a whole other problem. Last week I showed you a unique way that a kitchen item can be transformed into ribbon storage, and I also found a great option for finding cheap storage while utilizing the dollar store. I am back today to show you a really cool product I found quite by accident searching for something entirely different in my organization … Continue reading

$1.00 Ribbon Storage Option

On a kick to budget organize, I thought I would try to be a bit creative in my endeavors for good storage options for my various supplies. I did a lot of research, chatting with scrapbookers and asking around to see how others organized certain supplies. I then tried to find a way to store that same product in a cheaper, more economical method. The first thing I did was take a trip to the dollar store. The reason for the trip was actually a Monday Layout Challenge, but while browsing the aisles, I came upon this: It is a … Continue reading

How a Kitchen Product Can Become Ribbon Storage

If you know me, then you know there is nothing I love more than figuring out how I can reuse items in new and different ways. I am constantly writing articles for the frugal blog on finding new uses for everyday items. Well, I have found a new use for a standard kitchen item that very quickly can be turned into ribbon storage. When we became a blended family, we wound up with two of a lot of things. Those are the items I tend to play around with first. Well, we wound up with two colanders for our kitchen. … Continue reading

Product Review: Pull-EZ Ribbon Storage

Introducing the brand new, upcoming Pull-EZ ribbon holder. This little ribbon storage option boasts the ability to hold more than 200 ribbons and is designed to make getting your ribbon out, much easier than alternative methods. Let’s see how it holds up, and what other scrapbookers are thinking. The Product: This compact, easy-to-carry tote holds more than 200 ribbons, is totally transportable, and many think it looks like a Chia pet. I have to agree. The product is designed to hold 1-3 yard lengths of ribbon, and at 200 ribbons thats about 600 yards of ribbon. Wow. And finding storage … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Even if you don’t usually do so, there is no reason you can’t start. Making decorations is a fun way to spend time together as a family and it’s also a good outlet for imagination and creativity. You can make suggestions or use projects and ideas that you find here and in other venues, and you can also ask your kids for ideas. Little ones tend to have some pretty ingenious ideas. They may need a little help translating what they see in their mind into something tangible, so having everyone work together is … Continue reading

Holiday Decorating: Quick Tips with Ribbon

When it comes to holiday decorating and adding extra festive little touches, ribbon is your friend. You can use any kind and there are great choices available from sheer, satin, and wired ribbon, to holiday themes. Try these simple tips: When Setting the Table Group silverware together, knife, fork, spoon, and tie a ribbon around them. Make a neat bow. You can also roll silverware in a linen napkin before adding ribbon. Tie gorgeous sheer or satin ribbon around the stems of glassware for an extra sparkly touch. You can also tie bows around single candy canes, and lay one … Continue reading

Contemporary, Affordable Wedding Favors

When planning your wedding you’ll find that all the little things really add up. That includes wedding favors. But, what if you could make them yourself to save some money, and still have charming favors that don’t look cheap? Perfect! First, gather your girls to give you a hand. Have a girl’s night and while you giggle and gossip, have everyone help out. You’ll have your wedding favors put together in no time. You will need some small metal tins with lids, which you purchase most anywhere. If you would like to keep it simple and order by the case, … Continue reading

Tie It All Together – It’s All In the Ribbon

Every so often, there is a product present in the world of scrapbooking, that I just have to step back and reflect on. Lately, this product has been ribbon. I’ve been using ribbon’s in crafting for years. And yes, even a few times on my layout before it became all the rage. Ribbon has got to be the perfect embellishment introduced into the scrapbooking world. You can get it almost anywhere, in every shape, color, texture and style you could ever imagine. From leather ribbons to grosgrain ribbon, stripes and plaids to dots and double sided ribbons, there’s a ribbon … Continue reading