Frugal Christmas Shopping: Learn How To Help Work At Home Moms (2)

Yesterday I began explaining a really cool concept I tried last year with a fellow home business owner. You can read the article, Frugal Christmas Shopping: Learn How To Help Work At Home Moms before you continue with this one so you understand what we did. So far you have learned that we traded product discount with each other to buy Christmas presents for our families and friends. I got what I needed from her, and she got what she needed from me using each others consultant discounts. Now you might think, how does that benefit or help a mother … Continue reading

Frugal Christmas Shopping: Learn How To Help Work At Home Moms

I cannot believe that Christmas is coming up so fast. The 2006 year seems to have simply flown by at lightening speed. Sometimes I think getting older isn’t that great, because time seems to fly by. I know we still technically have about two months to go Christmas shopping, but not really. My least favorite time to do my shopping is the month of December because it seems the stores are always crowded, I have trouble finding what I want, the same generic gifts line the aisles of every store, and it’s just generally very overwhelming. So I usually begin … Continue reading

Creating Personalized Keepsakes With Your Scrapbook Layouts

I love personalized keepsakes. And when you can personalize something, it makes the memory last longer. I think as scrapbookers, we are always striving to find creative ways to showcase our beautiful layouts. Finding unique ways outside of your albums to display your layouts is always a challenge; however with these awesome products you just cannot go wrong! Are you looking for a unique and creative gift idea or something fun to do with that fabulous layout you just finished? Or do you have a layout you just love and really want to share with others? Then these are the … Continue reading