My Personal Space – Houston, I Think I Found a Problem

Today I was supposed to show you my scrap room, and I actually could. I worked really hard to get things sorted, picked up and put away organized instead of just in a huge pile, or shoved in various drawers and other spots. The whole area is cleaner, brighter and definitely less cluttered. It actually looks great. Except for one problem. Those pesky wood mounted rubber stamps I bought at a local sale. I already had a huge stash that literally claim an entire Iris cart, and while someday I plan to unmount them because storage is just simpler that … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem

It was agonizing deciding whether or not to share pictures with you of my messy scrapbook area in the awful state it is. Or just waiting to show you pictures of once it was picked up and a clean scrapbook area again. When you work in your scrapbook area or studio every single day and you are involved in lots of projects, it becomes harder and harder to get things put away. Unless of course you follow the advice I have been providing all along and you don’t do what I actually did. Let’s take a look again at the … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space – The Mess

At the end of May, I told you I would begin showing you my scrapbook area in a more personal way, so you could see the studio where I work, and see how I organize and store things. Sometimes it is nice to get a glimpse into the life of another scrapbooker and see how they do things. I believe it can help to see an organizational system that works, so you can implement it too. So here it is the middle of June and I haven’t bothered to show you any more of my space. Why is that? Because … Continue reading

Setting the Mood in Your Scrap Area

Recently I read an article about the sensory elements that create a perfect room. Many times we focus on the colors and design of the room only. We forget many of the other sensory elements that go into the final design. Since I have been discussing scrap rooms and areas, I thought perhaps I would provide a little advice and some tips. Lighting The visual sensory element. There are so many different types of light you can look into for your scrap area. Obviously good lighting is important while creating your scrapbook pages and layouts, so proper color and coordination … Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Your Small Scrapbooking Space

Face it, a small scrapbook space is really hard to work around. I’ve known scrapbookers who have had to use an area in the basement, a tiny portion of the living room or dining room, and even scrapbook in closets. So what is the best advice out there for maximizing these small spaces? Let’s find out. Vertical, Vertical, Vertical I cannot stress this enough. Vertical storage is honestly the key to maximum efficiency in a small confined scrapbooking space. Utilize the space from the floor all the way up to the ceiling and everything in between. Hang peg boards for … Continue reading

Setting Up Your Scrap Area or Scrapbook Room

Setting up your scrapbooking area can be lots of fun. Especially when you have some of the latest and greatest storage options and a really pretty gallon of paint. Here are some ways you can get started setting up your scrap area. Paint Purchase a can of paint. Find a pleasing color that makes you relax and feel creative. Lighter colors lend themselves nicely, and make the room have a very relaxing feel. Paint the walls in the room you plan to scrapbook. Just adding a splash of color can really boost the appeal of the room. Storage Begin by … Continue reading

“Hot” and “Cold” Storage Tips

I was watching a show on Home and Garden TV last night and heard two terms that made me sit up and take notice: “hot storage” and “cold storage.” The terms were used in reference to home organization. According to design experts, when it comes to storage none of us is as bad off as we think. Apparently, most of us have enough space but it’s cluttered up with things that should be given away, recycled, thrown away. I must admit… that’s true for my home. I really need to purge little used items. Once I do, I can make … Continue reading

Helping Kids Conquer Clutter

I’ve told you about my bulldozer dream and in previous blogs I’ve provided tips to help conquer clutter around the house. In this blog, I will specifically address kids and clutter. It is my experience that the two go hand-in-hand. Or at least one begets the other. Either way, if you have children you know that wide-open spaces in your home usually don’t stay that way for long. With that said, here are a few ideas to keep clutter to a minimum: *Disclaimer: I’ve found learning the organizing concepts is one thing, but getting your child to employ them is … Continue reading

Hotel Rooms—Smoking or Non-Smoking: The Choice Is No Longer Yours

When you make a hotel room reservation do you request a smoking or non-smoking room? Depending on where you book a room, that option may no longer exist. Two major hotel chains and hotels surrounding the “happiest place on Earth,” have recently extinguished the option of lighting up indoors. As of March 1, 2006, Disney’s three California hotels, Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and the Grand Californian are 100% smoke-free establishments. The Grand Californian had already been a non-smoking property since its opening in 2001, but you can now breathe easier at the other two hotels as well. Disney … Continue reading

Traveling with Children: Finding the Best Hotel Room

My husband’s requirement for an adequate hotel room is making sure that there is an actual bed in the room. That’s why when we travel I make the reservations. Whereas I appreciate his efforts, when you are traveling with children there is more to consider than whether they spelled your name right on the registry. When traveling with children I always make sure to select a hotel that offers free amenities for them such as play areas, pools and (most importantly) free meals. For longer stays, kitchenettes will make your life easier and can save you money, even if you … Continue reading