How to Set Up Your Circle Journal

Circle Journals are so much fun to do. There are many different ways to set your album up and even more ways to complete layouts for them. But there is no wrong way. Because a circle journal is a personal journal of sorts, it becomes a piece of art upon its completion. It also serves as a wonderful memory of the way we really are inside. The standard way to set up a circle journal is: Decorated Cover Title Page Introduction Instructions Sign In Page Creators Layouts Participants Layouts Since I already showcased some cute covers in my Themes for … Continue reading

What Is A Circle Journal?

I’ve heard that question asked maybe a hundred times. What exactly is a circle journal? defines a circle journal as “A themed album that is passed throughout a group of people, each person completing a page/layout in the album before passing it to the next person.” While this definition is true, it doesn’t really answer the question completely. My personal definition of a circle journal is a special journal or book that is sent amongst friends, each adding their individual pages. I think what makes a circle journal so unique, is that they seem to be springboards for creativity. … Continue reading