Wood Stamp Storage and Organization Tips

Wooden stamps have been around a very long time, long before scrapbookers were using them in their albums. So how do you store these little wooden items? It isn’t as cut and dry as the acrylic stamps since wooden stamps tend to take up so much more space, and if you have a lot you are looking at some serious space needs. For years I have been looking for that perfect solution, but long ago I realized that it is totally a personal choice. So what might work for me, might not work for you and so forth. Here is … Continue reading

Technique Tuesday: Stamping and Dyeing Ribbon

This week’s technique stems from the fact that I have often heard scrapbookers complain that they aren’t enough ribbon colors to match their papers and supplies and they wish for more ribbon colors. If you are a ribbon fiend, these techniques are just what you might be looking for. There are actually two different techniques included in today’s Technique Tuesday. Dyeing Ribbon First off, I recommend beginning with a pure white ribbon. This makes the color truer to what you are looking for, rather than using another shade only to get an odd color at the end. Next, you will … Continue reading