Scrapbooking: Using Uncommon Embellishments

Lisa wrote that scrapbooking is a lifestyle. I completely agree with that. As a scrapaholic, every time I go shopping I see new ideas. Some of these are designs, but others are items not intended for scrapbooking. “How can I use that on a page?” often comes to mind, especially when there’s a sale going on. It was at one of those sales that I discovered body art. No, I would never wear it, partially because finding my belly button would be an exercise in itself, but more because we teach our girls that inner beauty is paramount. That didn’t … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Three Rules of Threes

Yes, scrapbooking has rules! Did I lose a lot of you with that? Rules are, of course, made to broken (in scrapbooking, anyway!), but the rule of threes has served artistically-challenged-me well. Things look better in threes, whether they’re embellishments, photos, or colors. Your page design should lead the eye to three different spots, usually a triangle. Let’s say that you have a photo that you really like and want to include, but your subject is wearing a bright pink shirt. All the other photos that you want on the page have people in earth tones. Don’t despair! You can … Continue reading