Embracing the “Other Woman”

Over the course of my almost 20 years of marriage, I have come a long way in some areas. While there are of course many areas that still need work, there is one particular place that I have been victorious over and would like to encourage other women about. It is sometimes a joke in movies and television shows…the wife complains about her husband’s interests in sports. Whether it’s a sport he plays in or watches on TV, she finds herself feeling like she is competing for his attention. She can’t understand the obsession with a club, or men running … Continue reading

The Many Marathons of runDisney

I just came in from my morning run with my dog, so it seems appropriate that now I’d sit down to write about the Disney Parks’ many marathons. I run for the sake of my health and my dog’s health, however, not so much for fun, so don’t expect to hear of me signing up for any of these any time soon. For 2012 runDisney has added another marathon to its schedule. The Los Angeles Examiner reports that on January 29, 2012 Disneyland will host the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. This is another event exclusively for women, joining the already-established … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with Some Healthy Competition?

Last week I heard a story on the radio about a blowout high school basketball game that took place in Utah. Christian Heritage High won over West Ridge Academy, 108 to 3 in girls’ basketball. Instead of the story being about this awesome game that Christian Heritage won, it was about unsportmanship. Why? Apparently some have criticized the coach for allowing the team to score so high. His defense was that he only had nine available players and so he couldn’t pull out his starters. I guess some believe that they should have slowed the game down a bit and … Continue reading

Watch the World Cup the Disney Way

I only care about any sports once every four years. Even then I don’t follow either of the Olympics, but the World Cup. For those who don’t know, the World Cup is the primary international championship for soccer. During this year’s Winter Olympics I found a Disney-related story about them to share. Because I care much more about the World Cup, I really wanted to find something similar to talk about in relation to Disney and the World Cup. I did manage to turn up a couple topics. If you’re in the Orlando area and would like to watch a … Continue reading

Marathon Monday at Disney World

Now there’s more than one way to earn a free day at Disney World. For 2010, those who volunteer in their local community can sign up for a free trip to Disneyland or Disney World. Next year, anyone who completes the Walt Disney World Marathon gets free admission to the park the following day. The official Disney Parks blog announces “Marathon Monday,” taking place on January 10, 2011. Everyone who finishes the 26.2-mile Disney World Marathon on January 9 can bring their finishers medal in place of a ticket to one of the Walt Disney World parks the following day. … Continue reading

Best Summer Sports

Summer is just around the corner. Many of us are already experiencing warmer temperatures and thinking about summer sports. Sports are a great way to keep fit. If you are looking for ideas on some of the best summer sports, here is a list for you. Try your hand at volleyball. The great thing about volleyball is when it’s played on a beach. Not only do you get to play but you get to lie out on the beach when you are resting. Volleyball really works your arms and legs. Biking is another fun sport that allows you the opportunity … Continue reading

Sports and Fitness

My husband attended a softball meeting just last week. It is in preparation of the softball season that is just ahead. Although we have snow on the ground and apparently a few more inches to come yet, the reality is that in just a couple of months the softball season will begin. Hard to believe but something I am looking forward to as it has become a special activity for both of us. He plays and I do the stats. Now over the course of the years he has begun to take considerable notice of the difficulties he has had … Continue reading

The Disneyfication of the Olympics

Thousands of people around the world cram into their local roads, to contribute to the joyous roar of the crowd as a runner pounds past, bearing a flickering flame above their heads. Athletes become celebrities, grinning at the world first from a podium amidst a colorful snowstorm of confetti, then from orange cereal boxes under the fluorescent glow of the grocery store. Today the Olympics are synonymous with fanfare. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty tonight at the opening ceremony in Vancouver. What few people know is that before the 1960 Winter Olympics, and Walt Disney’s involvement in them, the … Continue reading

Harnessing the Hamster: Preschoolers and Sports

Small children are amazing in their energy output. Often, I am tempted to put my daughter into an oversized hamster ball and use her to power my kitchen. Perhaps I could automate the snack-making process. Hmm, now there’s an idea! Over the last four years, we’ve registered for everything from baby swimming lessons to a class that featured an assortment of indoor sports. We’ve done ballet, and my daughter has gone running with me as I trained for a marathon. As I look at my friends and relatives, I realize that the sports that we learn to love in childhood … Continue reading

Don’t Dread Sundays!

Do you ever find yourself dreading your Sunday? Are you so stressed out and tired from attending church that the rest of the day seems shot? How can you keep the Sabbath Day holy and make it a positive experience for your children? Sundays are a day that we set aside to worship the Lord. It is a day of rest and renewal, but there are times when it seems difficult to find that peace that the Sabbath day brings. There are times when I wish my children would let me just have the nap I used to take every … Continue reading