Tips for Driving Safely Through the Snow

Winter weather often includes snow. Driving in snow is not the same as driving down the street on a nice, sunny, day. Here are some safety tips that can help you to safely drive through the snow and to avoid an accident, (and the auto insurance claim that would accompany it). Right now, I live in a part of California that doesn’t actually get any snow. This is a great relief to me after growing up and spending my young adult life in the midwest. I’ll be quite happy if I never have to drive through a snowstorm during a … Continue reading

State Farm has Advice for Safe Merging

Merging is a fine art that not every driver has mastered. It helps if you pay attention to the other drivers and use some common sense safety tips. State Farm has some advice for safe merging that can help prevent you from having a traffic accident and an auto insurance claim. You are driving down the road and notice that the lane you are in, and the lane next to you, are going to merge together. Maybe you are getting on the highway and you need to merge into the traffic that is already on the road. Are you good … Continue reading

Thou Shall Not Commit Road Rage

They are being called the Ten Commandments for drivers and they take their cue from the original set carved in stone. Yesterday, the Vatican issued a set of rules that warn motorists not to kill, not to drink and drive and… not to tailgate. I’m serious. And so is the intent of these new “Commandments.” The document’s official name is: “Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road.” It was created by Catholic Cardinals who felt it necessary to “address the pastoral needs of motorists because driving had become such a big part of contemporary life.” While it highlights the … Continue reading

How Safe Are America’s Highways?

Blowing snow and icy roads wrecked thousands of couples’ plans for romantic dinners last night. Law enforcement officers reported thousands of accidents on highways stretching from the Midwest to the Northeast yesterday. The Ohio State Highway Patrol alone handled more than 1,200 calls involving weather-related accidents. Sounds bad, and it is (I’ve had my share of weather-related incidents), but believe it or not, according to a new report, sunny skies and open freeways are more common conditions for fatal traffic accidents than snow and ice covered roads. The new driving study, conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for the Study … Continue reading

Driving With Distractions

You might not be surprised to find out that a recent study from the University of Utah found that driving while using a cell phone can be a major road hazard! A spokesman for the study compared the distraction of using a cell phone while driving with the impairments associated with driving drunk. The University of Utah study tested the driving skills of 40 different people (25 men and 15 women) on a driving simulator under four different conditions: No distractions Talking on a hand-held cell phone about a favorite subject Talking on a headset/hands-free cell phone about a favorite … Continue reading

Auto Emergency Kits

Some of the most tragic stories of vacations gone wrong are often those where a person or family experiences a situation where they are lost or stranded in their automobiles. While the risk of life and death situations are far more common with winter driving trips, no matter the season families can suffer great peril when traveling by car. The truth is that most of the tragic stories we hear on the evening news may have been avoided had families considered and prepared for the worst possible situations they might face along their journeys. When we jump in the car … Continue reading

Five Tips For Driving on Icy, Slippery or Snow Covered Roads.

. When I was a young driver I had this idea that accidents in the snow were no one’s fault. I really have no clue where this notion came from, considering I took my behind the wheel driver’s test in ten-feet of snow. I just thought that an accident on slippery snow covered roads, would be expected so therefore no one would be at fault. I guess, this might be how a teenager thinks, at least until they learn the hard way. Just to make it real clear, when a driver has an accident in the snow–it isn’t God’s fault–and … Continue reading

Age and Driving: When to Turn In Your License

Admitting that you may not be able to drive any longer isn’t easy. By giving up the keys, you are giving up a lot of independence! You’ll need to depend on friends and family for a lot of your transportation. How do you know when it’s time to turn in your driver’s license? Making an objective decision may be very difficult. Ask a trusted friend or family member for an honest evaluation of your driving skills. Use the following checklist to help look at your driving ability objectively. Have you recently been involved in vehicle accidents that could have been … Continue reading

Age and Driving

How old is too old to drive? Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your license and independence; your health and mental state are more important to your ability to drive than the number of candles on your cake. General effects of aging include muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and reduced flexibility. Your reflexes start to slow down, too. All these things together may give you trouble turning the steering wheel or using the brakes. Severe arthritis may make it hard for you to grip the wheel or look over your shoulder to check for oncoming traffic. Night … Continue reading