3 Sales Tricks that Mess with Your Head

Do you think that you are in control of your shopping? You might be surprised. That is because there are a number of sales techniques, from free shipping to coupons that can mess with your head and cause you to spend some serious money without even being aware that it was their idea, not yours. Comparison Sizes Can Trip You Up Let us imagine that your are at the movie theater, standing at the concession counter. You have to make a decision on what size popcorn to purchase out of three sizes, small, medium and jumbo. The medium is probably … Continue reading

Sales on Fitness Equipment, DVD’s, Water Bottles, and More!

We all know that getting healthy, and staying fit, is important. Sometimes, though, it is easy to use the “it’s too expensive” excuse. This allows people to procrastinate on their health – which is never a good idea! Instead, check out some of these deals, sales, and offers on things that can help you in your quest to achieve better health CVS will add one credit to your ExtraCare card when you fill or refill prescriptions in store or online. When you fill 10 prescriptions, you will earn $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards. You can also get 3 credits every time … Continue reading

In Search of Cheap Seats

A few weeks ago, Southwest Airlines added yet another fee to its ever-expanding list of ala carte charges.  Now, you’ll have to fork over $40 at the gate if you want to board the plane with the first group of passengers. The discount carrier doesn’t offer assigned seats like United and American Airlines, but will bump you to the coveted group “A” boarding if you cough up the extra cash.  The offer begins 45 minutes before the flight departs, though is only available if the slots are not filled by elite and business select passengers who pay upfront for the … Continue reading

Save Money by Planning Ahead

Dear overachiever mom who attached stuffed animals to the Valentine’s Day cards your kid passed out at school last week:  I don’t hate you.  Never mind, that all my 8-year-old Scotch-taped to her Snoopy Love Day cards were small packages of Skittles.  Not six-inch plush puppies.  I’m sure you never intended to make the rest of us parents feel like inadequate, uninspired, cheap losers. Listen, I considered flexing my creative muscle and having my kid attach snack-sized bags of peanuts to the cards.  Get it?  Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy… the Peanuts gang?  Of course, sending nuts to school in this … Continue reading

Watch Out for the “Up to” Sales

“All Toys on Sale up to 50 percent off!” “Save up to 70 percent off on all clearance sweaters!” “Going Out of Business! All books are up to 90 percent off!” These are some of the most recent sale signs that I have seen on store windows this holiday season. Are the desperate retail stores trying to unload as much as they can before Christmas, giving you the rock bottom deals while they still can? Well, yes and no. There is truth in advertising and then there is truth in advertising. The “up to” sales work well for the stores. … Continue reading

Extended Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday. This is when many stores will have special deals on their websites that you cannot get if you shop at their stores. Technically, Cyber Monday is supposed to be just one day. However, some stores are extending their sales for a longer span of time. Target will be having Cyber Monday special offers all week long. Cyber Week sale prices are valid through Saturday, December 1, 2012. You can get free shipping on select items through December 1, 2012. You can also get free shipping on “The Top Toys” through December … Continue reading

Freebies and Money Makers at CVS

In my last blog,CVS Extracare Rewards This Week, I showed ways to maximize your savings on the CVS ExtraCare Bucks with coupons from the store and other places. This week, CVS has also has several great Buy One Get One Free deals. I have matched these deals with coupons to show you the best way to get the items for free or at big discounts. Here’s the BOGO’s: Revlon cosmetics have coupons in a recent newspaper insert for $2.00 off any cosmetic product. Use two coupons for this BOGO deal to maximize your savings. The products start at $3.49. When … Continue reading

New Coupon Deals

It’s time for some new coupon deals. New printables paired up with sales at Wal-Mart and your local grocery store will score you cheap peanuts, Powerade, a baseball cap, popsicles, school supplies, and lots more. How about free Cheerios? Keep reading to find out all the details. The Planters Peanut deal is even better than I originally thought at Wal-Mart. I found 14 ounce jars of peanuts for $2.00 each. So I bought 3 Kool-Aids for .20 each and a jar of peanuts and got a .40 overage. You have to buy 3 Nabisco, Kraft, or Oscar Meyer products in … Continue reading

Consider “Inviting” Prospects to Become Clients or Customers

Most of us think of promoting our business as “sales”–we give sales pitches, try to get prospective individuals interested in what we have to offer, and then we try to win them over until they become paying clients or customers. There may be a different approach, however, and you might consider thinking of ways to “invite” people to become involved in your business. This is not a new approach–I am sure if you think of some ad campaigns or interactions you have had with other companies, you will recall being “invited to get involved” or “invited to become a customer.” … Continue reading

Inappropriate Name-Dropping

Letting people know whom you know and whom you are doing business with can be an important strategy in promoting your business operation. After all, this is the basic idea behind using testimonials, referrals and networking. There is a downside to name-dropping, however, and when used inappropriately it can have a negative affect on your business and personal reputation. Anything can be done in excess and with name-dropping; it does not take much before you start to sound obnoxious. It is a good idea to get permission before you announce that anyone or any business is doing business with you. … Continue reading