Daycare More Expensive Than College?

I heard something pretty shocking the other day on the radio. The DJ was talking about how the price of daycare for an infant is now more expensive than a year’s tuition in a public college (such as a technical school). On average, parents can expect to shell out $18,000 a year in order to have their baby cared for on a full-time basis. I guess that makes me feel somewhat better since college is just around the corner for my oldest son. He will be attending a technical school that offers an aviation program. I know they say you … Continue reading

Save Money On College Textbooks from Barnes & Noble

There are many expenses that go along with attending a college or university. There are tuition bills, fees for classes, and meal plans to be paid for. College students may need new bedding, or a new computer to take to school with them. The one thing you can be certain to save some money on are textbooks. Right now, Barnes & Noble can help you do that. Barnes & Noble is having a sale on college textbooks. I would highly recommend using their website to place your order, instead of walking into the stores. As a former Barnes & Noble … Continue reading

Talk to your Profs

There’s a little known fact about doing well in school. It has nothing to do with studying or re-reading or writing or any of the normal things one might be inclined to do the night before a big test or large assignment. And despite what you might be accused of (schmoozing) or being (“teacher’s pet”) it doesn’t really have anything to do with those terms either. The simple fact is this: talk to your teachers. Today I had the great pleasure of having a reason to speak with my professors. Since we are out of the regular term and prior … Continue reading

Finals Fears

I don’t have any scientific data to back me up on this (though it may exist) but I’m quite certain I’ve figured out at least one reason I tend to score fairly well on tests for courses, classes, and other evaluative procedures. Today I took a test. I took a big test. The test covered 2500 years (actually much more) of topics, over 3000 pages of material, an innumerable variety of topics, approximately 12 in-depth student presentations, a couple of in-class videos, and some other abstract topics. It covered countries all over the world and performance practices and practitioners from … Continue reading

Fill them out: Teacher and Course Evaluations

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be handing out evaluation forms to my 400+ students. These forms are used to evaluate the course itself as well as the instructor (me). In addition to raw numerical data there is also the opportunity to provide a certain amount of feedback about the course, instructor, or something else in a handwritten portion. Sadly, a large portion of my class will choose not to fill out those forms. Today I’m going to try to convince you that failing to take the small amount of time it would take to fill out those forms … Continue reading

Thinking About Going Back To School?

Your economic situation doesn’t have to stay where it is. As a single parent you may qualify for various grants that can help you get a certificate or degree and create a better life for you and your kids. This will also give you some time for yourself, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. It’s hard enough being a single parent and working a full time job—whether you work from home or at a typical nine to five job. Top this off with taking care of the bills, the kids, the house, and it doesn’t leave much … Continue reading

Research & Presentation (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of Research & Presentation be sure to read that here. At any rate (where was I? Oh yes!) I was talking about note taking and the dual-crucial skills of Structure and Importance. Now, note taking is just one area where these two skills are important. It turns out that they are important for a wide variety of activities (both in school and in the “real world”). One of those areas is for giving a presentation. Today I’ll be talking about prepping for a presentation. You know that whole saying about first impressions? If you’re thinking … Continue reading

Library Time

Generally I’m going to be the one to tell you to go online to find anything you need. I’ll generally tell you to use the latest digital tool to get that new task done. I’m the one who doesn’t want a phone call but an e-mail, a digital file instead of a print out, and in general the newer instead of the older. This can sometimes get me in trouble with people who don’t do things like I do. With the proliferation of computer use it is getting easier though. Now, when doing research it’s important to leave no stone … Continue reading

At School Too Long?

Author, Hilary Mantel, created a furor recently when she suggested girls were ready to have babies at 14. While I am in no way agreeing with her on that, it did occur to me to wonder whether we are keeping young people at school too long and not allowing them to grow up. Years ago some of us will know from our own experience, others will know from parents and grandparents that young people left school much earlier. By 14-16 they had finished with school and were out in the workforce. In some case it was even earlier than that. … Continue reading

College Cafeterias Go Trayless

Imagine being a college coed who’s stopping by the school cafeteria for a nice dinner. You choose a plate of chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn-on-the-cob and a roll, but you also want a salad, some butter and a beverage. The problem is not finding the money to afford your well-rounded meal; rather there’s not a tray in sight for you to haul your dinner to a table. You’d laugh if it weren’t so pathetic. Unfortunately, it’s no joke. In order to save money and the planet, hundreds of colleges and universities around the nation are getting rid of cafeteria … Continue reading