Money Saving Ways to Save Your Winter Skin

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. The dry air and indoor heat pulls moisture away, leaving us with itchy, irritated, dry and cracked skin. Moisturizer can work, but cheaper versions can make skin worse (most of them have alcohol, a drying ingredient). More expensive versions may do the trick, but you’ll have to slather them on, and the cost can add up over the course of the winter. There are better ways, more economical ways to save your skin this winter, keeping it soft, lovely and healthy. Purchase an Inexpensive Humidifier A humidifier is a worthwhile investment that can … Continue reading

Cultural Lessons on the Cost of Child Rearing

Heeled sneakers are all the rage with hip moms in France right now. While I will happily pass on the Sneakletto craze; I’m not opposed to employing practical techniques parents in Paris and other parts of the world have mastered in order save cash while raising young children. Less is more:  Surveys show the average American household spends $200 per child for birthday parties and gifts.  That means forking over nearly $1,000 per year if you have three or four kids.  Compare that to most French parents who typically celebrate their children’s birthdays with a simple home-cooked meal.  In Japan, … Continue reading

Saving $600

 Last week was a rough one. From a fallen tree to the truck’s transmission going bad, it has been one challenge after another. That is why we were pretty much exhausted by the end of it and almost lost $600. My family and I ran some errands on Saturday that kept us out pretty much all afternoon. We did want to make sure that we made it back home in time for the town’s free firework show at the park. So, with just enough time, we left the kids in the car and ran in to the house to grab … Continue reading

You Can Go Broke Saving Money

No one tried to go broke by saving money, but that is just what often happens. Moms trying to save a few bucks on their weekly grocery bill start using coupons and find that they are spending more money each week than they did before. Single gals use Groupon or other social savings apps for their nights out on the town and scramble at the end of the month to pay their bills. Families search for deals and sales when they shop for clothes and spend twice what they anticipated. How does this happen? How can you go broke when … Continue reading

Save Those Pennies! They Add Up

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to eliminate the car payment, and so we employed all sorts of methods of scrimping and saving to do this, including reducing our grocery bill, eating out less frequently, and finding fun and free things to do. One big step that got us closer to our goal of paying off the car loan was turning in all of our change. We had a few baby wipe tubs full of change, which we took, as a family, to the bank. We loaded the change into the … Continue reading

Travel Tip: Don’t Wing It

When it comes to preserving your travel budget, it’s best not to wing it.  Sure, a few impromptu souvenirs or an extra tropical libation may not break the bank.  However, if you are truly interested in stretching your travel dollar, it’s best to plan ahead.  The more money-saving opportunities you take advantage of, the more cash you can stash for a future trip. Before you jet-off on your next vacation, consider the following: Watch where you eat:  As much as you are careful about what you eat while on vacation, if you are following a strict budget, it’s as important … Continue reading

Three Reasons to Leave the Stuff in the Store

I was browsing one of my favorite blogs yesterday, I came across a bit of home decor that I had admired for a while on this blogger’s page. She had it hung in her living room, and it looked wonderful. Of course, she got it for free in order to promote the store that carried the products, and as part of a one-day promotion, that particular item was discounted from $59.99 to $19.99, a real bargain. I clicked over to the site and almost ordered the item. Almost, because I know that there were at least three reasons to leave … Continue reading

What the 50s Housewife Knew

I’ve been reading a lot lately about 50’s era housewives, including a couple of blogs that feature modern women who take on living as though they were still in that era: creating elaborate dinners that often feature gelatin and liver, getting dressed up complete with lipstick before they greet their husband’s good morning, and boiling laundry at the kitchen sink. While I am not quite ready to give up my modern appliances or attitude, there is one thing that I do appreciate about that time period. Everything got used and only disposed of when absolutely necessary. For example, a 50’s … Continue reading

4 Frugal and Free Easter Goodies for the Kids

Celebrate Easter and thrill your little ones all while still staying frugal. Like so many frugal practices, it not about doing without but in how you go about getting what you need. Even the Easter Bunny is tightening its belt these days, it seems. Here is some advice that will keep the Easter bunny on track no matter how many little ones he has to deliver to. Baskets If you don’t already have the baskets you need around your home, just get creative. An inexpensive sand bucket usually costs less than an Easter Basket and is a bonus toy that … Continue reading

Spring is Consignment & Outgrown Sale Season

To save money on children’s clothing, I make sure to shop the large children’s outgrown sales (also known as consignment sales). There I can pick up a fancy Easter dress for $5, boys jeans for $2, and an assortment of other clothing to outfit my three kids. I’ve been shopping at outgrown sales and taking advantage of community swaps for a long time now, ever since my now middle school child was a baby. I have the say that things have certainly changed with outgrown children’s sales since that time. First of all, the prices are much higher. What was … Continue reading