School Layouts – Lunch and Recess

Most of the time, when children are asked about their favorite subject at school, lunch and recess are often included. No matter what classes your child is involved in, or what topics they learn about in school, there is one constant throughout elementary school. Lunch and recess. In an earlier article, Scrapbooking School Layouts, I shared with you a layout I did, when I just happened to be at my daughter’s school one day, that they had indoor recess. I was extremely happy I had my camera with me, and was able to capture the fun and games the kids … Continue reading

Completing School Layouts

Commemorating your child’s school years, is almost as important as completing a baby book for each child. In fact, from personal experience, most children are much more likely to enjoy looking at recent photographs of themselves, than looking at photographs that don’t really resemble them at all. Children absolutely love looking at scrapbooks, especially at pictures of them doing things they enjoy. The joy of scrapbooking school memories, is that your child can be involved in each process. There are several different ways that scrapbookers choose to display school layouts. Some enjoy creating a yearly school album. Some continue to … Continue reading