Study Finds Consequence of Teen Motherhood Lasts Generations

There are many reasons why most parents would prefer that their teenagers do not become parents. A study adds another thing to add to that list. The consequence of teen motherhood lasts for generations.  PLOS One posted a study titled: “The multigenerational effects of adolescent motherhood on school readiness: A population-based retrospective cohort study.” The study was done by one researcher who was from the Stratford University in the United States, one researcher was from the Manitoba Center for Health Policy, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and two other researchers who were from the Manitoba Center for Health Policy and the … Continue reading

Almost Six Years Old, or Only Five Years Here?–More Adoption Time Muddles

Mary Ann recently wrote a blog on Should You Hold Your Child Back a Year? This is really pertinent for me right now. I wrote a blog last month about my ambivalence about Regina starting school. She is a bit behind in speech and fine motor skills and is not big on sitting still. (Adopted kids often have a difference between their developmental age and their chronological age. This may be because attachment anxiety keeps them from concentrating their energy on development, or because adopted children often repeat developmental stages with their new family. For internationally adopted kids, less time … Continue reading

My Kindergarten – Rosemary Wells

Rosemary Wells has made quite a name for herself with children’s books that feature animals as the main characters. Perhaps you’d know her best from “Max and Ruby.” While this brother/sister combo are probably her most famous characters, she has created several, and “My Kindergarten” features many of them. Much thicker and more involved than her other books, Rosemary put together this book with a great deal of thought into the curriculum taught at kindergarten so she could complement that curriculum with the things she chose to include in the book. We begin in September with the first day of … Continue reading