Bunny Scissors and Catalog Shopping

Hi there, it sure has been a while. I am back from a short hiatus to bring you more fun ideas for your whole family. My toddler is growing by leaps and bounds, now a touch older than 3 1/2, and one of her summertime accomplishments was learning how to use scissors – properly and safely. While in France last year I bought her the cutest pair of kiddie scissors with a bunny holster that, with the help of a magnet, sticks to the refrigerator. They wound up being a stocking stuffer last Christmas, but she did not start using … Continue reading

Saving Scissors

Don’t throw those dull scissors away! Here are two tricks to help get them back into action. At my house, we go through kitchen scissors like juice boxes. The scissors are constantly being snatched from the little knife block where they rest and pressed into service all over the house. When my husband needs to cut a wire and doesn’t have his knife handy, he reaches for the kitchen scissors. If my son has cutting homework and is too “tired” to go all the way over to his desk to get his scissors, he takes mine. And of course, I … Continue reading

The Kitchen Shears: What’s Their Story?

Oscar Wilde once said of scissors: “I can never cut a straight line. This ought to be, for I never do anything straight.” Did he know what he was talking about? Why are kitchen shears sometimes called scissors and vice versa? How could any tool have the nerve to be so versatile and whoever thought them up anyway? Any ideas? No, well read a bit more. It seems that many people invented the scissors or shears. Some say the very first pair can be traced back to around 260 BC and that they were first described by no one less … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Decorative Scissors

Most likely you have a pair or two, or if you are like me, you have more like 22! So at one point, I was addicted to the creative use of decorative scissors. Yes, I’d like to hang my head in shame when I look at those layouts, but they were certainly a hot item back then! Before decorative scissors really entered the scrapbooking picture, pinking shears were the hot item. So of course I had discovered those first. I have lots of photos cut with those beautiful little pinking shears and it makes me cringe each time I look … Continue reading

Breathing New Life Into Old Supplies – Decorative Scissors

Do you have a huge amount of decorative scissors? How many are currently in your collection? What are you supposed to do with them now that it almost seems the trend is over? Here’s the scoop. With scrapbooking, trends come and go. Once it’s over, doesn’t mean it’s always over, and it also doesn’t mean there aren’t still creative ways to use your supplies to their fullest. If you have as many as I do, you probably have a couple of favorites that you like to use a lot. I know I do. I prefer the deckle edge and the … Continue reading

Stock up on School Supplies for Crafts

Now is the perfect time to stock up on certain arts and crafts supplies for your kids, by taking advantage of those great back to school sales. Wal-Mart has spiral notebooks for ten cents each. These work well for drawing, writing notes, practicing penmanship and spelling. I like to keep a couple in the car so my kids can write or doodle on long trips. Bring one in with you while you’re sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, or to keep kids busy in a restaurant while you wait to be served. At a dime apiece, you can keep plenty … Continue reading

Keeping Sharp Objects Out of Little Hands

It’s common sense, and every parent tries to protect their child from harm. Sharp objects are usually the first things we teach them about being safe – not getting hurt. Don’t play with scissors, touch knives, etc. However, accidents happen. Did you ever have a sibling or friend get a hold of a pair of scissors and chop off a chunk of their hair? Maybe it was you! You look away for a moment, and there’s no telling what a child will do with a pair of scissors. Their natural curiosity takes over, and they want to experiment. Children often … Continue reading