Stuart Little 3: The Call of the Wild (2005)

“Stuart Little 3: The Call of the Wild” is the first Stuart Little film to be animated, rather than shot in live action. The voices of the characters are the same (Geena Davis as Eleanor, Hugh Laurie as Fredrick, Michael J. Fox as Stuart) with the exception of George, who is now voiced by Corey Padnos. Jonathan Lipnicki, George’s original voice, is now too old to sound like a little boy. The Littles are on their way to the lake for a relaxing vacation. Eleanor is looking forward to a whole summer with nothing to do, but when they arrive … Continue reading

Scout Camp

Scout camp is one thing most scouts look forward to. It is a week away from parents, and a week of relative freedom to have fun, be outdoors and to pass off quite a few merit badges. Scout camp is a time-honored tradition, and I still hear stories from my husband about his camping experiences. Boy Scouts generally go on some type of excursion once every month or two. They may camp overnight, or go up hiking in the mountains or they may go spelunking or river rafting. Scout camp is an entirely different experience from these adventures. Your boys … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Your Boy Scout Experience

With all the Scouting activities you participate in as a Boy Scout, it’s hard to come up with new page layout ideas. Boy Scouts start with Tiger Cubs and can go all the way until Eagle Scout and beyond. You might want to preserve every memory by creating a mini album and making page layouts for each individual activity. Since Boy Scouts do all types of activities from earning badges to helping with the community, an individual album for all of your memories would be perfect. In addition, other’s might enjoy making one or two layouts per year and include … Continue reading