Pay for Your Gas with Your Scrap Metal

Would you like to earn some extra money? Prices paid for scrap metal have greatly increased, making a few pounds of scrap turn into enough money to fill up your tank. The price of scrap copper has increased from $1 to $3 a pound, while aluminum cans have gone up from 30 cents a pound to 80 cents a pound. Increasingly, frugal people are turning to scrap metal collection to put gas in their cars and pay for the increase in food prices. Collecting scrap metal and then selling it is not as hard as it sounds. You can simply … Continue reading

My Personal Space – Houston, I Think I Found a Problem

Today I was supposed to show you my scrap room, and I actually could. I worked really hard to get things sorted, picked up and put away organized instead of just in a huge pile, or shoved in various drawers and other spots. The whole area is cleaner, brighter and definitely less cluttered. It actually looks great. Except for one problem. Those pesky wood mounted rubber stamps I bought at a local sale. I already had a huge stash that literally claim an entire Iris cart, and while someday I plan to unmount them because storage is just simpler that … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem – The Other Side

It would surprise me if by now you haven’t seen my earlier post regarding the mess in my scrap space and what my intentions are to fix it. All of that is in the process of being completed, but I thought since I am sharing my work in progress tomorrow, I would share the other side of the area today too. So here is the other side: Much, MUCH worse. That’s of course because it is the most often used side of my scrapbook area. It is where I write from every single day. It is where I close up … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem

It was agonizing deciding whether or not to share pictures with you of my messy scrapbook area in the awful state it is. Or just waiting to show you pictures of once it was picked up and a clean scrapbook area again. When you work in your scrapbook area or studio every single day and you are involved in lots of projects, it becomes harder and harder to get things put away. Unless of course you follow the advice I have been providing all along and you don’t do what I actually did. Let’s take a look again at the … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space – The Mess

At the end of May, I told you I would begin showing you my scrapbook area in a more personal way, so you could see the studio where I work, and see how I organize and store things. Sometimes it is nice to get a glimpse into the life of another scrapbooker and see how they do things. I believe it can help to see an organizational system that works, so you can implement it too. So here it is the middle of June and I haven’t bothered to show you any more of my space. Why is that? Because … Continue reading

My Personal Scrap Space

Every scrapbooker dreams of having their own space to sit and create. Some are lucky enough to have a dedicated space, and some have to be content to use closets, share rooms or simply pull it out every time they wish to scrap. Once upon a time, in a land far away. Okay, well only about two and a half years ago and not really so far away, about two miles up the road. I lived in a house where I truly had my own dedicated scrap space. It was spare bedroom and I had it painted all pretty and … Continue reading

8 Quick Tips to Keep Your Scrap Area Organized

There are so many unique and creative ways to keep any area of your home organized. However, many scrapbookers, no matter how good their intentions are, have difficulty maintaining any form of organization. Perhaps its our right brained manner, or the fact that we are just creative mess makers, or perhaps it is just that many of us just don’t care to be completely organized. However, the productivity level of your scrapbooking will increase incredibly if you can get organized and remain that way. Here are 8 Tips to keep that scrap area more organized. Use Clear Storage – Using … Continue reading

What to Do When You Don’t Have a Scrap Space

This actually is a very common problem for scrapbookers. Many scrapbookers have to make do with dining room tables, living room cabinets and other odd spots throughout the home. Apartments can really be difficult especially because there is just not much space. So what do you do? First and foremost, you must take inventory of what you have, what you plan to buy and how much room you will need for future storage. Next, you will need to survey where you plan to actually scrapbook. How convenient do you need your supplies? If you plan to scrapbook on the living … Continue reading