Phil Spector: A Lonely, Tortured Talent

Harvey Phillip Spector was born into a lower middle class Jewish family on December 20, 1940, in the Bronx, New York, on December 26, 1940. His parents were first cousins, a fact that he later admitted in a newspaper interview, “might have had something to do with what I am or who I became.” His father committed suicide because of family indebtedness when Phil was only nine years of age, and this profoundly affected his personality. The family moved to Los Angeles in 1953 to make a new start. As a young boy, he served as an apprentice under Jerry … Continue reading

Capture End of School Year Memories

With the school year coming to a close, it’s a great time to capture school memories and document what your child is like as they are making a transition from one grade to the next. I’d like to share some ideas you may want to incorporate into your scrapbooks so that you can help your child to remember what they were like this year in school. Photos you won’t want to miss. Most teachers would be more than happy to have you come into the classroom to get a few special photos for your child’s scrapbook. Your child with his … Continue reading