Fun with Leftovers

My dad’s New Year’s resolution is to kick his addiction to caffeine.  So far, he hasn’t had a drop of coffee in all of 2013.  Since my mom is a tea drinker, my parents’ coffee maker has been sitting idle since the last day of 2012.  What’s more, since my dad has gone cold turkey, he no longer needs his seemingly endless supply of paper coffee filters. Rather than be tempted by the white basket-shaped filters, my dad shipped them 5,000 miles to our home, which is filled with non-coffee drinkers.  We don’t even own a coffee maker.  Needless to … Continue reading

Holiday Time Crunch

Do you wait until January to craft holiday-themed layouts? I used to stock up on festive Christmas-themed embellishments, papers and memorabilia throughout the month of December, and then go into hiding during the first week of January to complete a marathon scrapbooking session.  However, my pages never turned out as well as I would have liked given my time crunch.  I felt pressure to slap together holiday memory albums just so I could cross it off my to-do list.  What’s more, I was extremely bothered by the idea of working on Christmas scrapbooks when Valentine’s Day was just around the … Continue reading

Try a New Scrapbook Look Using Black and White Photos

If you were to take a look through my scrapbooks you would see a lot of color. The album itself, the pictures inside, the paper and embellishments all scream color. I’m sure this is true for most scrapbookers. We tend to really like color. Recently I have been thinking of doing something a little different. I really appreciate the look and beauty of black and white photos. Black and white photos are simple but sophisticated. They have an elegance to them that is very unique. A black and white photo scrapbook would definitely be something very different. It would be … Continue reading

Digitage Heritage Scrapbooks

A few weeks ago I posted about scrapbooking your old family photos and memorabilia. Today I want to also mention the idea of creating a digital heritage scrapbook (also called a digital family tree or digital genealogy scrapbook). A digital scrapbook is made on a computer using an image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Coral Paint Shop. Items that can be made into a digital scrapbook include vintage family photographs, old letters, vital records, and heirlooms. Before you begin, you will need to convert your photos and memorabilia into a digital format by scanning them into your computer. … Continue reading

Displaying Memorabilia in a Scrapbook

Recently I scanned some old pictures of myself that I found in some scrapbooks I had created years ago. My scrapbooks include a lot of memorabilia, including newspaper clippings. The thing that stands out with the newspaper clippings is how they have yellowed. I have more scrapbooks that I still want to create and they will include newspaper clippings. But I really hate the idea of them yellowing. I happened across an article just the day other and it gave a solution to the yellowing problem. You take a capful of Milk of Magnesia and pour it into a bottle … Continue reading

A Scrapbook of Your Child’s First Year

A nice addition to your child’s Baby Book is a scrapbook of their first year. This enables you to add more than what their Baby Book asks for. You can add your own creativity and save some of the keepsakes that you wouldn’t otherwise keep. A good way to create this type of scrapbook is to do it month-by-month. You can pre-design all of your pages and just add photos, notes and keepsakes as the year progresses. Perhaps design two scrapbook pages per month. The first introduces the month and has a list of new accomplishments for your baby. The … Continue reading

Creative Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention – Charlotte, North Carolina 2008

It isn’t too late, even though the date is rapidly approaching. This year Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention (CKC) ’08 is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina on August 15-16, 2008. And while it is coming up fast, there is still time to register and sign up for classes and workshops. You have until Sunday, July 27 at 12 midnight Easter Standard Time to register online for the first pick of your favorite classes and crops. And if you register online between now and Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time, you will receive a free gift from Wausau … Continue reading

Introducing Scrapbook Blogger

It is no laughing matter the way the scrapbooking industry and grown in every single way. From new methods of scrapbooking to new innovative products just for scrapbookers, it continues to change every single day. And now there is a whole new concept. If you are a scrapbooker, you might truly find this to be right up your alley. Introducing What do they do there? They make photo books from your blog or blog posts. Sounds cool right? This innovative idea was started by Ashley Cuttino, a lawyer, scrapbooker, blogger and mom who thought it would make a cool … Continue reading

Tips for Getting a Scrap Area You’ll Love

We are not all blessed with our own scrapbook room. In fact, some of us make do by sharing a room with another part of the household. In addition, some of us don’t even have that luxury, some of us are blessed only with a cabinet or a closet. This can make getting a comfortable scrap area a lot harder to obtain. So what do you do when space is limited, you are on a budget and your area is simply not inspiring you? You get creative. Honestly, if you are a scrapbooker, you already possess the creative gene, so … Continue reading

Using a Drawer System for Scrapbook Storage and Organization

There are dozens of different ways to store your various supplies. With all the choices, it can confuse a scrapbooker who simply wants to get organized and be able to find things they want without searching. A drawer system is one of many ways to organize and store your scrapbook supplies. From a plastic cart with drawers to a dresser to an art chest, there are many different types of drawer systems available. There isn’t one that is better than another, and honestly it is a personal choice when it comes to organization anyway. If you would like to use … Continue reading