Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Sticker Sneeze

You can always recognize a scrapbook page from the earlier days when there were limited supplies. Back then, stickers were all the latest craze and there were swaps and RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness) galore filled with stickers and sticker sheets. At that time, you saw a lot of scrapbook layouts with what we have now dubbed “Sticker Sneeze”. Essentially it’s a scrapbook page that has stickers that look like someone just blew all over it. No rhyme or reason to their placement, if there was a blank spot, a sticker was placed there. Gone are the days where stickers … Continue reading

How to Set Up Your Circle Journal

Circle Journals are so much fun to do. There are many different ways to set your album up and even more ways to complete layouts for them. But there is no wrong way. Because a circle journal is a personal journal of sorts, it becomes a piece of art upon its completion. It also serves as a wonderful memory of the way we really are inside. The standard way to set up a circle journal is: Decorated Cover Title Page Introduction Instructions Sign In Page Creators Layouts Participants Layouts Since I already showcased some cute covers in my Themes for … Continue reading

The Quest For Perfect Scrapbooking Paper Storage

In my quest for the perfect paper storage, I have tried a couple of different types and thought I’d share my trial and errors here with all of you. Please keep in mind, that what works for me, might not work for you. And what did not work for me, might be the perfect paper storage solution for you. There is no right or wrong way to store your papers, only what works for you. As I was researching paper storage, I also came across the issue of 8.5×11 vs. 12×12 papers. Storage methods can be the same or different … Continue reading

Product Review: Epson Stylus Photo 1280

Upon researching a good printer for my scrapbooking, I came across the Epson Stylus Photo 1280. This printer has got to be the ultimate printer for the scrapbooker. Now don’t get me wrong, I own a much better all in one printer for my computer needs that also prints out awesome photos and such. But I need a printer that printed the way a scrapbooker needs things printed. Well the Epson Stylus 1280 is exactly that printer. This little printer: Prints up to 13″ wide Has superior, 6-color Photo Ink System 5760 x 720 optimized dpi True BorderFree™ photo printing … Continue reading

Creative Stamping Techniques for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Looking to find some new ways to use your stamps? Or are you just starting out and would like to find some tips on how to use your stamps properly? I’ve compiled a list of some fun techniques you can try with your stamps both for scrapbook layouts and card making. Basic Stamping Basically this is like Stamping 101, you just place the rubber stamp onto the ink pad. Next you stamp the image on your paper where you would like it to go. Press firmly and no not rock the stamp from side to side. If you’d like to … Continue reading

Get back into the Scrapbook Groove

It happens to the best of us. Even with beautiful photos and paper surrounding us, it can be hard to get excited about starting a new scrapbook layout. Sometimes we just need something to get ourselves back into the mood to scrapbook. I decided to come up with some ideas to help us get back into the scrapbooking groove. I would love to hear about anything you do to get yourself back into a scrapbooking mood. Buy a new magazine. Craft stores are full of new scrapbooking magazines brimming with fresh ideas. You could also venture into the photography or … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day One

I began making this friendship album at the start of 2005 and never actually finished it. For some reason I got frustrated with it. I decided to try to figure out what went wrong. Here we are a year later and I have been freshly inspired to finish it. I thought I’d share my ideas and changes as I go, with all of you. Hopefully this will inspire you to create an album of your own. When I originally started this album, I decided I wanted it to commemorate the friends I had made in my life. These are the … Continue reading

Finding Inspiration For Your Layouts

I’m often asked where I get the inspiration from for my scrapbook layouts. Finding inspiration can often be a challenge for scrapbookers and is often known as “scrappers block”. In previous articles I’ve discussed “scraplifting”, browsing magazines, idea books, and web sites and using sketches. However, inspiration can be found many other places, in many other forms. I find myself paying closer attention to art on the wall, to magazine articles and to a postcards in the mail. The possibilities are endless if you just begin looking at things differently. Let’s start with an advertisement. In order for an ad … Continue reading

Sketches: A Simple Way to Scrapbook

Scrapbooking becomes more complicated everyday. With all the new techniques to try and new embellishments and styles, it’s so hard to keep up. Using sketches to create layouts, is a fast and simple way to get more done. Several years ago, Becky Higgins of Creating Keepsake’s fame, came up with an idea for sketches, which are penciled drawings (or sometimes digitally created), that provide the “basic recipe” for a scrapbook page. They are simply guidelines for creating a beautiful page without all the hard designing work. She promptly put out a book titled Becky Higgins Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking. She … Continue reading

Get Inspired: Simple Layouts

I am always on the lookout for simple scrapbook layouts. Why? Because viewing other’s work often inspires me and the simpler the layout, the faster it gets completed and into my albums. I don’t always scrapbook in a simple style. Sometimes a layout can take me a few days to complete with several different techniques featured and other times, simply a few minutes, with only one or two techniques. Often when I have lots of pictures from an event, and I want to scrapbook all of them, I choose simpler layouts. They are finished and put into my albums for … Continue reading