Clean House in Your Scrapbook Space

There are times when I feel like, “Why do I have all this stuff?” While I appreciate my craft and all that it contributes to my life, sometimes I look at my scrap room and think, “Should I give it all away?” I never feel like I should stop scrapbooking, but sometimes, I think it is a good idea to clean house and get rid of some things. It can help you re-focus on your scrapbooking, analyze what supplies you really need, and get back into it again. This is a really good idea if you’ve been feeling like you’re … Continue reading

Product Review: The Scrappin’ Spin Tool Station

Lately I have been trying out some new scrapbook organizational tools to get a feel for what works for me and what doesn’t. Thankfully with many friends in the scrapbook industry I am able to test out products without having to buy everything myself. However, recently I splurged a little and tried out a new product. The Spinning Tool Station and Spinning Tool Station Jr. by Scrappin’ with Sweet Nothings caught my eye as an innovative way to organize. I came across it because I had received a little card in the mail about it and really thought it looked … Continue reading