Getting Caught Up On Your Layouts

It is so hard to believe that October is here and that the year is almost over. I have no idea where the time goes. I set my goals and it seems that before I know it, I’m rushing to complete them, rather than taking my time to get them done. If you are like most scrapbookers, you probably have a pile of planned layouts or several dozens of photographs that you would like to scrapbook before the end of the year. Or maybe you really are able to find the extra time and commitment that is necessary to get … Continue reading

Rules of Scrapbooking

The rules of scrapbooking are in the eye of the beholder. In other words, really there aren’t a lot of set things you must or must not do in order to scrapbook. There is a false assumption among some scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers that there is some form of rules that we all must follow in order to be considered a real scrapbooker. First, let me tell you that it is not true. There is no Order of the Scrapbooker’s who ensures that things are followed. There is not some set of people that will be judging your layouts or visiting … Continue reading

School Layouts – Lunch and Recess

Most of the time, when children are asked about their favorite subject at school, lunch and recess are often included. No matter what classes your child is involved in, or what topics they learn about in school, there is one constant throughout elementary school. Lunch and recess. In an earlier article, Scrapbooking School Layouts, I shared with you a layout I did, when I just happened to be at my daughter’s school one day, that they had indoor recess. I was extremely happy I had my camera with me, and was able to capture the fun and games the kids … Continue reading

Completing School Layouts

Commemorating your child’s school years, is almost as important as completing a baby book for each child. In fact, from personal experience, most children are much more likely to enjoy looking at recent photographs of themselves, than looking at photographs that don’t really resemble them at all. Children absolutely love looking at scrapbooks, especially at pictures of them doing things they enjoy. The joy of scrapbooking school memories, is that your child can be involved in each process. There are several different ways that scrapbookers choose to display school layouts. Some enjoy creating a yearly school album. Some continue to … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Is Not Just For Women

Scrapbooking is simply not just for women or girls. Why is that such a misconception? I know so many men and boys who enjoy the hobby too. How can you not like having a hobby that deals with wonderful memories, clean crisp color photographs of people you love and care about, and the gift of words that can melt your loved ones hearts. Several years ago I found a gentleman on a message board I used to frequent. I had looked at so much of his stuff and was terribly impressed. Not only did he enjoy photography and scrapbooking, but … Continue reading

Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day One

I began making this friendship album at the start of 2005 and never actually finished it. For some reason I got frustrated with it. I decided to try to figure out what went wrong. Here we are a year later and I have been freshly inspired to finish it. I thought I’d share my ideas and changes as I go, with all of you. Hopefully this will inspire you to create an album of your own. When I originally started this album, I decided I wanted it to commemorate the friends I had made in my life. These are the … Continue reading

Finding Inspiration For Your Layouts

I’m often asked where I get the inspiration from for my scrapbook layouts. Finding inspiration can often be a challenge for scrapbookers and is often known as “scrappers block”. In previous articles I’ve discussed “scraplifting”, browsing magazines, idea books, and web sites and using sketches. However, inspiration can be found many other places, in many other forms. I find myself paying closer attention to art on the wall, to magazine articles and to a postcards in the mail. The possibilities are endless if you just begin looking at things differently. Let’s start with an advertisement. In order for an ad … Continue reading