Free Genealogy Resources from iTunes

Do you know what a podcast is? It can be described as something like a radio show that someone does at home, with their own recording equipment. After recording, editing, and adding extra sounds and music, a person puts their podcast online, for people to listen to. A podcast can be about any subject at all. Many podcasts are educational. One nice thing about podcasts is that you can download and listen to them for absolutely free. One quick way to find podcasts is to look at the iTunes store. From here, you can do a search to find podcasts … Continue reading

StoryCorps – Podcast Review

StoryCorps is my favorite podcast. I’ve been listening to the program for years, and I’m thrilled it is now available as a podcast. The StoryCorps people travel around the country recording the stories of everyday people. Since 2003, they have interviewed tens of thousands of people. The storytellers get a free CD to take home and share. The stories are also archived at the Library of Congress for future generations. Every time I hear StoryCorps podcast I am so grateful for this oral history project. The stories are marvelous, and provide such an insight into other people’s lives. So what … Continue reading

What Not to Wear – Video Podcast

Tristi’s review of What Not to Wear had me so intrigued that I had to watch it. I watched a few shows and really enjoyed seeing these women gain confidence, find clothes for their age and style, and become comfortable in their own bodies. Browsing through podcasts the other day I was thrilled to discover that stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly have sixteen short video podcasts that can be viewed online or downloaded to cell phones and Ipods. In these short one to three minute video podcasts, Stacy and Clinton cover things like how to wear those big shirts … Continue reading

Wild Chronicles – National Geographic Podcast

Animal lovers will definitely enjoy the free video podcast Wild Chronicles from National Geographic. The episodes are only six or seven minutes long. Like you would expect from any program by National Geographic, the photographs and videos are superb. So far they’ve produced a hundred and one shows covering a wide variety of animals. Every episode features an animal or a unique place. Two shows are even on Madagascar. It’s fun to show the children what the real Madagascar looks like. The podcasts are educational, but also fun to watch. Viewers can learn about crocodiles, sea lions, bison, gorillas, mongoose, … Continue reading

Just One More Book – Podcast Review

I recently discovered Just One More Book: A Podcast About the Children’s Books We Love and Why We Love Them. This is a warm, wonderful, inspiring podcast that will have you wanting to curl up with good books and share them with small children. I miss the days of hearing “just one more book” from little children. I still read to my children, but now we are more likely to tackle 700 page Harry Potter books than The Piggy in the Puddle. The hosts, Andrea and Mark, are a book loving married couple with two daughters. They have posted over … Continue reading

Coffee Break Spanish – Podcast Review

Coffee Break Spanish is a fun podcast that teaches conversational Spanish in fifteen minute increments. It is the winner of the 2007 European Award for Languages. The podcast is available for free at There’s also a forum for their listeners. Other educational materials are available for purchase on the website. According to the podcast there are over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide. My husband and I started listening to the podcast in preparation for a trip. Your hosts for this podcast are Mark, an experienced languages teacher, and Kara who is learning along with the listeners. They are Scottish, … Continue reading

CraftyPod – Podcast Review

CraftyPod is a fun and inspiring biweekly podcast on crafting. The average podcast is about 20 minutes long, which is plenty of time to inspire the listener to drag out their craft projects. You can always count on Craftypod to fill you in on the latest craft products, news from the craft world, opportunities for crafters, and inspiration to try new things. I don’t own a sewing machine. I can’t even sew more than a button or hem, but the podcast on Burda Style made me want to learn. Burda Style has free patterns for people to use, change, and … Continue reading

Mugglenet Podcast

Calling all muggles! Have you heard the MuggleNet podcast? This podcast is such a fun way for Harry Potter fans to spend an hour or so. What impresses me the most is that show is created entirely by teenagers and young twenty somethings. These young people, one from Britain, the others from all around the United States, took something they were interested in, created a website, and then started this podcast. They have over 50,000 listeners a week, and are currently at 107 podcasts! I find this very inspiring and plan to use the podcast as example with students. The … Continue reading

The Writer’s Almanac – Podcast Review

The Writer’s Almanac is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s a short one, usually lasting somewhere around five minutes. Every day Garrison Keiller fills the listener in on literary and historical notes. The history may be about events that happened on this date in history, or about the reasons we celebrate certain holidays. The literary history is often interesting facts about authors, where they grew up, former jobs, inspiration, and awards their works have won. Usually it is about authors born on this date. After the brief historical notes, Garrison Keiller reads a poem or two. It’s such a treat … Continue reading

Product Review: The Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer

I am always on the hunt for a product that makes organizing easier. A constant challenge for me in my scrapbook space, has been how to organize paper and still allow for ease of use. I originally started with the infamous “Target Cubes”. Although a great design, and perfect for what I needed for cardstock, I was still left with the problem of patterned paper storage. I recently found the Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer. It’s a pretty easy to use, and specially designed product to allow the scrapbooker to “visualize each and every scrapbook page of paper in your … Continue reading