A Journal Making Party (2)

Hopefully you got a chance to read the first article in this series: A Journal Making Party (1). Here are a few ways to help make your Journal Making Party more fun! First, be sure to read the three articles I wrote mentioned in the previous blog, so that you are aware of how to create and design them. A couple of cute food ideas for the Journal Making Party: Alphabet soup Punch or Juice (called Journaling Juice) Cookies (be sure and cut them with alphabet cookie cutters) flexible licorice (to form letters with) A couple of fun games you … Continue reading

A Journal Making Party (1)

Journal making is a fun and frugal way to spend time with friends and enjoy the art of scrapbooking without actually scrapbooking. As most of you know, I am the queen of journaling (and frugality really) and so of course I have to have journals scattered throughout my home. A couple of weekends ago, our entire family, including myself (and I’ve already made several) created journals for fun. I have taken great pleasure in watching the kids use them. One of our girls loves to draw Manga (Japanese animation) so she has chosen to use her journal for that. Another … Continue reading