Product Review: Legacy Craft

Well over a year ago, I discovered Legacy Craft, a company dedicated to sharing the importance of scrapbooking through video, stories and music. I had saved the link when it was shared on a message board I frequent, because I loved the song clip on their homepage. I finally ordered the CD right before Christmas. Unfortunately there was some type of problem at their end, but after I emailed the owner, he was especially apologetic and said he’d get the CD right out. He was extremely accommodating, because the package arrived only two days later. And I was full of … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Podcast: What it is and Where to Find Them

I’ve heard the question hundreds of times, what exactly is a podcast? A podcast is the latest in blog technology and is actually like a radio show and sometimes a video show you listen to or watch on your computer. You can also save the podcast to a CD or move it to an MP3 player. I’ve been known to download a whole series and burn them to CD. I can then pop them in my CD player in the car and listen while I’m running errands or sitting in traffic. The same works for an MP3 Player. There are … Continue reading