5 Great Organizational Tips For Your Scrapbooking Area

Organizing could almost be considered a hobby all on its own. Many people actually enjoy the process of organizing and seem to almost always have some project going at one time or another. I love to organize, especially when it comes down to my scrapbooking. Being able to find something fast is important as well as a prime key to my productivity. Here are 5 great scrapbooking tips to get you organized: 1. Project Drawer – Having a project drawer is an awesome way to store projects that are currently in use. You can purchase something specifically for it, or … Continue reading

Build a Basic Scrapbook Space on a Budget

Doesn’t every scrapbooker dream of having their own scrapbook space? We want a place all our own where we can store our supplies and have room to work and crop and make layouts into the wee hours of the morn. However, often cost is a factor when trying to budget in this precious space of our own. So what if I told you it can be done on a budget? You might even be able to use some items you already have on hand. I’m getting ready to move and having a scrap space is an important factor in my … Continue reading