Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (2)

Most scrapbookers who have been scrapbooking for any length of time, find themselves bombarded with leftover supplies, items that do not reflect who they’ve become as a scrapbooker, and items they will probably never include in an album. But does that render the item useless? No way! There are tons of ways to use these “strays” around your home. In an earlier article, I showed you two ways to use your leftover supplies, but let’s continue to look deeper. Coffee/End Table Have a plain old end table or coffee table that could use some decorating? Try placing scrapbook supplies in … Continue reading

Different Uses For Scrapbook Supplies (1)

What do you do when you have leftover scrapbook supplies, or supplies that might be a bit outdated or not your scrapping style anymore? Should you just leave them in a drawer, so that someday you might actually be inspired to use them? Maybe. Should you challenge yourself to use at least one per layout until they are all used up? Maybe. No matter what you decide to do, you need to find new uses for those supplies. More than likely, when you purchased them, they cost quite a bit, and tossing them away, is tossing away money. Reusing them … Continue reading

Two More Locations To Find Scrapbook Supplies

We are still discovering scrapbooking supplies at obscure locations. The treasures you can find at places that have nothing to do with scrapbooking can be amazing. You have to learn to open your eyes and see beyond what an item was originally intended for. You need to see what it can be used for now! Just think, we wouldn’t have all of these fun fabric and paper flowers if some scrapbooker somewhere had not thought it would be cool to use silk flowers in her layout! She probably purchased those silk flowers at a craft store for a fraction of … Continue reading

More Places To Find Scrapbook Stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, sometimes you can find supplies in places that weren’t made for scrapbookers. Some stores now have small scrapbook sections or carry items that might not be for scrapbooking but could easily be adapted and used. Here are three more obscure places to find scrapbook supplies. Dollar Stores This is one of those things that you might get lucky, but then you might strike out. We have several dollar stores in our area that have a very small scrapbook section, however what they offer usually isn’t found anywhere else I’ve seen. I’ve gotten some cool packs of … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Finds At A Non-Scrapbooking Store

Sometimes a store that isn’t an actual scrapbook store, is a great place to shop for materials and supplies for your scrapbooks. Some stores actually carry items that are made for scrapbooking. And some stores carry items that aren’t made for scrapbooking but could be used for scrapbooking. Here is a nice list of places to look for scrapbooking supplies besides the norm. Target Not only does Target have a scrapbooking section, they also have a dollar spot section in the front of the store. The dollar spot area is where they clearance off a lot of scrapbooking related supplies. … Continue reading

How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (2)

Hosting a garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted or unneeded scrapbook supplies. If you are already planning one, great. Throw some extra scrapbooking supplies in with the rest of your treasures. If not, than think about organizing one to get rid of not only your leftover hobby supplies, but extra things you have around your home too. In the previous article, How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (1) I began giving you some tips on pricing your items. Here are a few more great ideas. Patterned paper sells best when it is … Continue reading

Creating Gifts as a Scrapbooker (2)

Creating gifts with your supplies is really very easy. In an earlier article I gave you a couple of ideas to get you started. I thought I’d add to this and give you a few more that I thought of. Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day or a Birthday, giving a gift you created yourself is usually the best kind! Here are a few more ideas. Beginners Scrapbook Kit What a fun gift to put together. And it’s a terrific gift for someone who might really want to scrapbook, but either doesn’t have the supplies or doesn’t know where to begin. … Continue reading

Creating Gifts as a Scrapbooker (1)

Being such a scrapbook addict, I tend to think about scrapbooking 24/7. Yes, when I’m eating, sleeping and even driving around. It’s also made me think of ways that allow me to use my scrapbooking skills for other things. For instance, when my children have a school project, we often use my scrapbook supplies to create wonderful masterpieces they can be proud of! I also enjoy making Christmas cards using my scrapbook supplies. Using your scrapbook supplies for other projects, and even gifts can be a great way to use up paper scraps, leftover embellishments, and a fun way to … Continue reading

Finding a Scrapbooking Pen For You

Recently I was asked by a scrapbooker, what is the best pen to journal on your layouts? She was interested in what size worked best and what type of pen I recommended. When choosing a scrapbook pen, many factors must be considered. The first consideration is always that the pen be acid-free. Most pens that are sold at regular stores are not acid-free. Specialty scrapbook pens can be purchased at all scrapbook stores and most craft stores. They will say acid-free on them. Another consideration is what type of penning you will be doing with it. Are you using it … Continue reading

Budget Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking, just like any craft or hobby can get expensive, especially with all the fun supplies and great embellishments available. But there are some ways that you can cut costs and still get that great looking layout you desire! Here are five fabulous tips to save on supplies. Take a trip to the hardware store and pick up some washers. These little embellishments cost mere pennies each and can be personalized at home. Just use letter stamps or mini-stamps and permanent dye ink. I recommend StazOn, which is available at most stamp stores and some craft centers. Be sure and … Continue reading