ScrapWow – The Scrapbooker’s Playground

ScrapWow is the newest thing to hit the scrapbooking world. I discovered it by accident when a friend sent me to her website and I realized it was hosted by ScrapWow. I wanted to find out more and was so excited and impressed, I just knew I had to share it with my scrapbook friends. The ScrapWow website offers you an innovative and easy way to have your very own scrapbook website that is entirely yours. It also offers you the opportunity to share your scrapbook pages online with all of your friends and family. It is really easy to … Continue reading

Scrapbookers Unite For Great Causes

Surrounding the expensive and costly negative outlook, that some people have of scrapbooking, is the much more joyous, memorable accounts of how scrapbooking changes peoples lives for the better. It seems that suddenly, scrapbooking has taken on a whole new dimension. There seems to be an outpouring of charity, as several memory preservers, strive to teach, help and offer support to those that might not otherwise receive it. At charity auctions, I am seeing scrapbooking supplies as items up for bid. At school events, I am seeing requests for scrapbooking supply donations to help make cards, letters and pages for … Continue reading

Networking With Other Scrapbooking Friends

Networking with others is an important and essential task for most scrapbookers. Networking or sharing time with others who share a hobby or passion with you, can often inspire and drive you to create. A few things that any scrapbooker needs. Along with chocolate, of course. Why is networking important? Sharing your layouts, ideas, creativity and love for the hobby with others, can leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and essentially inspired to create new layouts. It can allow you to bounce ideas off each other, get reviews for certain products, find new and innovative ways to use everyday items, and … Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Your Creation

It’s extremely hard to stay frugal during the holiday season, but being a scrapbooker can help in that sense. Actually being creative at all can help you stay frugal quite a bit. Gifts are expensive, and time consuming when you are out scouring the stores for the perfect item. Every year at this time I start to stress about the perfect gift for everyone. And each year, after I come down off the stress and anxiety of money issues and gift giving, I realize that my own two hands can give a far better gift than anything I’ve picked out … Continue reading

Crop In Style – Serious Style for the Scrapbooker

I am always on the look out for cute new purses. I don’t really know why I have a purse fetish, but I guess in ways it’s better than a closet full of shoes! They take up less room and are easy to store! However, as a scrapbooker, I’ve always been drawn to larger purses so that I can bring my idea books, magazines and layout ideas with me. If you’ve ever tried to cram a magazine into a smaller purse, it just doesn’t work or it looks crazy sticking out the top. Introducing the answer to all your problems … Continue reading