Scrapbookers Block

We have all heard of writers block. I have been known to suffer from it myself. Less known is what I call scrapbookers block. It’s similar to writers block. You are ready to scrapbook. You have all of your pictures and supplies out, ready to go, but then suddenly you are stuck. Now what? You have absolutely no idea how to go about creating your page. Perhaps you have been stuck in a pattern where every page or album looks pretty much the same, with only the colors being different. You are tired of putting together simple pages. But you … Continue reading

How to Organize If You Don’t Have a Scrapbook Room

I am not one of those lucky souls to have a scrapbook room. I know of one lady who not only has a scrapbook room but she decorated it with a Star Wars theme. This is her room for scrapbooking and nothing else. I would love to have one of those but I have to utilize all of my extra space for my work. When my writing work began taking over the extra space I once had, I realized there was nowhere to go with my scrapbooking materials. So at one point I just bagged it all and shoved it … Continue reading

A Scrapbook for Everyone

My children aren’t quite ready to move out but when they do I want to have a scrapbook dilemma solved. I would love to send them off with scrapbooks that they can keep and eventually pass on down to their children. The problem is if I give away all my scrapbooks to them, I will have nothing left. I haven’t quite arrived where I would like to be but a few years ago I started trying to solve that problem by creating multiple scrapbooks. Ideally you should have duplicates made of your pictures. The best way to go about this … Continue reading

Scrap-A-Faire – The Virtual Scrapbook Convention Is Back

It’s back and it’s better than ever before. Dubbed the worlds biggest online scrapbooking show, Scrapbooks Etc. is proud to run their Scrap-A-Faire Virtual Convention which is back by popular demand. Can’t get to the regular conventions because they are too far away? Or maybe it isn’t in your budget to sign up for a convention and classes just yet. Well, Scrap-A-Faire is back and is the answer to your wishes. They are offering 18 different classes that will show you how to create all kinds of projects and teach you the latest and greatest cool techniques. Each class offers … Continue reading

Tips To Make Scrapbooking a Priority

It feels selfish to make scrapbooking a priority, doesn’t it? It sounds like a demand more than it could ever be a special request. But if you don’t make your scrapbooking a priority, how do you ever plan to get anything done? There are a few simple ways to make scrapbooking one of the top things on your list of “to do” items, even when you think you do not have the time to do it. Here are a few tips or pieces of advice, to help you obtain your goals of scrapbooking more. Plan Use a Planner/Calendar. There are … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review for July 23-29, 2007

There are big plans coming in the upcoming weeks for the scrapbooking blog. New challenges, layouts, and articles to help with your projects and creative needs. Advice and tips from the experts, interviews, new products and hot techniques are all coming soon. Just in time for the school year, when hopefully you will find more time to yourself to scrapbook and just enjoy life. So, let’s see what went on in the scrapbook blog this week: Scrapbooking Week in Review for July 16-22, 2007 Lots of great articles and tips have been passed along in the scrapbooking blog this week. … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week In Review for July 1st to July 8th

So what’s been going on in the scrapbooking blog this week? More than enough to hold your interest, with so much more coming all summer long. As usual, the week in review is designed to recap the week, and help you find articles you might have missed. Sunday July 1st In honor of the most recent red, white and blue holiday, Scrapbooking the Fourth of July is full of great advice for what to capture on film, and what memories you might wish to create layouts about. Monday July 2nd For years I have struggled to get that amazing fireworks … Continue reading

Reusing Old Photo Albums

Always one for a cheap solution to a common problem, I found some ways to recycle and reuse, my old photo albums. I put them to good use, turning them into scrapbook albums, that are fun and fancy and work just as well. The benefits of reusing a typical photo album, are excellent. First, an old photo album, is typically described, as a three ring binder style album, that is filled with, what are referred to, as magnet pages. Those are the sticky pages in which you place photographs and then cover with the clear plastic sheet, provided within. To … Continue reading

Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (1)

I am an obsessive organizer. In fact, I absolutely love the power and feeling I get, when I complete an organizational project. Sometimes, when I go back and realize how effective the storage solution was, I get giddy. I know, it’s strange. But it can be exhilarating when you can find all your things and not have to go searching. Because that was me, way back when. I am definitely speaking from experience. It is important for all items to have a home. In other words, everything you own, should have a place to go. This is completely true in … Continue reading

Organization: Sorting Your Supplies

As you know, organizing is a big task. Some people only need to organize a little, and still others need to organize their entire scrapbooking areas. Many scrapbookers are in need of storage solutions for often used supplies, and still others are looking for storage solutions for everything. So where exactly do you start? Simple – from the very beginning. The first step to effective organization is to figure out what you have. In order to do this, you must first sort all of your materials and supplies into categories. It is also easier to do this by sorthing them … Continue reading