Starting an Idea Notebook or Inspiration Journal

As any scrapbooker knows, inspiration comes from all over the place. Often it is what sparks our creativity and gets us making these amazing layouts. However, many scrapbookers know that sometimes we glean ideas or inspiration from other scrapbookers and other sources related to scrapbooking or other paper projects. I have been scrapbooking for over thirteen years now. I have amassed quite a collection of magazine articles, layout clippings, sketches, pictures and pieces I intended to use as inspiration to create these amazing layouts. Some might call it scraplifting, but since I don’t scrap lift the designs as much as … Continue reading

Scraplifting Your Own Layouts

That sounds really strange when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? How does one actually scraplift their own layouts? Well, it is actually quite easy and can help you get a lot of pictures scrapped and a lot of pages completed for your albums. So how does one go about doing this? Let me explain. When you are going through your albums, or completed pages, is there a layout that strikes your eye every time? I bet there’s more than one. You are looking for that layout that makes you smile every time you see it, but not just … Continue reading

Is Scraplifting Really Alright?

One of the questions, I am posed most often, when I am teaching a scrapbook class or workshop, seems to be “Is scraplifting really okay to do?”. While many scrapbookers have formed their own ideas and opinions regarding scraplifting, some are still pondering that question. So here is my opinion on scraplifting. Scraplifting: The act of copying another scrapbookers ideas and designs to use in your own scrapbook albums and layouts. Partial ideas or whole ideas can be “lifted”, and all are considered scraplifting, though the definition for some is subjective. Why do some people scraplift? The main reason people … Continue reading