Are You Afraid to Scrapbook?

It seems like a strange question to ask, I know. However the longer I scrapbook, the more I hear people say that they are afraid to scrapbook. Afraid to scrapbook? I ask myself how anyone can be afraid to scrapbook, yet there really are some people that are. There are two different types of people that feel that way. The first is the type of person that is afraid of the cost, the commitment or their overall ability to scrapbook. They might see it as a huge investment, an ongoing project or a just another project they won’t finish. They … Continue reading

Overcoming Scrappers Block (2)

Few scrapbookers are immune. In fact, the occasional mental or creative block regarding scrapbooking is normal. Overcoming scrappers block can be a challenge, however there are a few simple ways to make it easier. Yesterday I encouraged you to begin organizing your scrapbook stuff and reflecting on layouts you’ve already created in Overcoming Scrappers Block (1). Now it’s time to focus on a few new strategies. Journaling Games Not really games, per say, but journaling exercises of any kind, can often get your mind started, creative juices flowing and as quick as the scrappers block set in, it can be … Continue reading

Overcoming Scrappers Block (1)

It happens occasionally, and it can happen to everyone. A hobbyist will run into a block of some sort, and feel as if they cannot complete a project. Crafters, collectors, writers and others have the problem from time to time. It is certainly no different for a scrapbooker. Pictures, layouts and albums might sit for weeks or months, and in rare cases, even years before the inspiration or the desire to complete something is present. Learn more by reading, What Is Scrappers Block? It can be frustrating, and can even leave you questioning your choice of a hobby. For the … Continue reading

What Is Scrappers Block?

Scrappers block has been known to strike a die hard scrapbooker at any time. In fact, scrappers block knows no boundaries and can happen to anyone. But what is scrappers block, and how do you go about combating the wall that seems to erupt at any given moment? There are lots of ways to combat it, but first, let’s focus on what it is exactly and how it occurs. Scrappers block is not a whole lot different than what many famous writer’s face from time to time, known as Writer’s block. It is usually a period of time that can … Continue reading