Swapping Out Seasonal Clothing 2

It is that time of year again. I’ve been talking about swapping out the seasonal clothing for my family. When do you do your swap? If you missed the first part of this series, click here: Swapping Out Seasonal Clothing. Now, let’s continue. Winter jacket and snowsuits are done separately from regular clothing. I usually make that a family affair, with everyone trying on different items to see what will work for them. Anything that is too small for the youngest or my only girl gets set aside to be donated. When I get back to the drawers, I sort … Continue reading

Swapping Out Seasonal Clothing

We are spending the entire weekend indoors. Partially this is because it has been raining nonstop since Friday, but mostly it is because we are all sick. Being indoors, it has been a good time, in between taking care of everyone, to go through my kids clothing to update sizes and seasons. This is a big job for me, especially when I have the energy of a sloth to go with the other ill symptoms. I keep a lot of hand me downs, especially for my youngest son (since he has an older brother). These clothes are stored away in … Continue reading

Seasonal Sale Finds

I was out shopping seasonal sales. First, I ventured into the Half off Halloween sale at the supercenter. I had no intention of buying a ton of candy but I did buy a bag of Twix. A big bag. It was just so cheap! I also bought sacks of individually packaged Cheetos in Halloween packaging. The bags are smaller than the usual single serving bags, but they’re perfect for packing lunches. A pack has 30 bags and they were about $2.50 per pack on sale. That’s about eight cents per snack. I picked up mini granola bars too, 18 count … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge: Favorite Things in Fall

Fall is swirling all around me at this point. Leaves are changing, the air is crisper and and windier, and I am burning my pumpkin spice candles. So, my house is colder, decorated for fall and is filled with that beautiful Autumn scent. I absolutely love this time of year, more than any other season. Today’s Challenge: This week’s layout challenge is all about this wonderful season, and everything you love (or hate) about it. Perhaps it is the beauty of the season that you love. Or maybe it is the scents that are famous for this time of year. … Continue reading

Hiring Extra Help for Trade Shows or a Seasonal Rush

Most of us here who operate our own home-based businesses do so as sole proprietors. We are, as the old folks say, chief cooks and bottle washers. But as our businesses grow, or at times when we have a seasonal rush or need to staff a trade show, we may need to take on some additional help. This can be a daunting proposition for someone who is used to going it alone. The first big decision (after whether or not to even hire extra help) is whether to do so above or below the table—many people think that they can … Continue reading

Home Chore List: Twice-A-Year Cleaning Chores (3)

Ready for the next set of twice-a-year cleaning chores? We are plugging away at those things that need to get done every six months or so. We’ve been in the kitchen and then outside. Here is our list so far: Clean the oven Clean the stove hood and exhaust fan Clean out the freezer Wash all of the plastic furniture and outdoor toys Wash down sidewalks, walkways and driveways. Let’s head back inside now to do something that I have been wanting to get to get to for a long time. Ready? Dust the books and shelves. In my house, … Continue reading

Playing the Seasons at Walt Disney World

When you plan your vacation to Walt Disney World can make a huge difference in your vacation budget. Certainly most people have to plan according to when they can take their vacation time from work and when the kids are out of school, but if you have some flexibility in your schedule, playing the seasons at Walt Disney World can really help out. The best time to travel to Walt Disney World and stay at a Disney Resort is the Value Season. There are three Value Seasons throughout the year. They are from New Year’s Day to just before Valentine’s … Continue reading

Frugal Seasonal Clothing Switch

This weekend is the weekend where we pull out the fall clothing and pack away the tank tops and flip flops. It is always a bittersweet time because they are happy to see their fall clothes that have been packed away, as well as getting new things. But they are sad because that favorite t-shirt or pair of sandals must be packed up. Now, if you have taken advantage of the seasonal sales, you probably stocked up on some very cheap clothing at the end of last season. So perhaps when you are pulling things out, you will be removing … Continue reading

Summer…Do You Have More Work, or Less?

In the publishing world, where I do some of my work, things tend to slow down in the summer. It is the perfect time to catch up on tasks that have been put off and do some organization things to lay the groundwork for when things pick up again. However, in the special events and conference planning work I also do—summer is a fairly busy time. I know some home business owners who actually do the bulk of their business in the brief summer months—their seasonal businesses are all about craft markets, farmer’s markets and tourism. How about you? Does … Continue reading

Home and Family: Seasonal Savings Everywhere!

I have been having a blast taking advantage of recent sales. It’s become somewhat of a contest to see how many necessities I can obtain without paying full price. My husband and I were competing the other day, but I of course won. I found socks and underwear on sale at a local store for 50% off. I even got the name brand stuff for half price. No way my husband could beat that deal! When we were clothes shopping for the kids, he did come up with some deals of his own. He found a jean jacket for one … Continue reading