Preparing Your Home for the Colder Months

Depending on where you live in the United States, you may be starting to think about preparing your home for the colder months to come. I live in Wisconsin and by September we are already thinking of snow. It has been known to snow in October so you can never be too prepared. This is the time when we like to take advantage of what could be the last month or so of decent weather. By the middle of September we are packing away most of our outdoor furniture and making sure the snow blower and shovels are handy. There … Continue reading

Great Books for Spring

We’ve been planting seeds around here, and although there is still sporadic slush falling from the sky, it definitely feels like spring is just around the corner. Here are a few of my favorite spring books to read with preschoolers. Debbie Ouellett’s How Robin Saved Spring is a lazy bedtime or afternoon book, since it is long. In this book, the seasons are sisters. The winter sister wants the spring sister to sleep forever, so that winter can last forever. Robins seem to be a popular theme for spring stories. My Spring Robin by Anne Rockwell is one of my … Continue reading

Balancing Seasonal Temperaments

Some people love this time of year and really get into all the seasonal festivities—others of us may get a touch of the Bah humbugs. This can be challenging enough at work or out and about, but it can be even more challenging when we have to cope with these different seasonal temperaments within our own families. We can all have very different ideas about how to make the most of the season. We are not a huge family, my children and I—there are only four of us, but that is four very different holiday season temperaments. My eldest daughter … Continue reading

Burrowing In for Winter

With only one of my three children at home this past weekend, it was mighty quiet. The two of us had a hard time staying productive and motivated. Even though we both had plenty of work, homework, and errands to do—we mostly just wanted to snuggle down under comfortable quilts, watch movies and eat cranberry walnut bread. Winter is creeping upon us and with Halloween under our belts, the onset of the cold months is inevitable. When my daughter and I got out and about to do the grocery shopping, we indulged in some window shopping and wandering too—we meandered … Continue reading

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 3 (2007)

Grey’s Anatomy is a super smash of a hit that is known more for the scandals backstage involving Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight than the storylines from Season 3. This may be due to the fact that a show that delivered measurable doses of hope, angst, humor and tragedy needed a stomach pump to clear some of the bad medicine delivered in Season 3. Tragedies Abound The season opened with the aftermath of Denny Duquette’s death. Katherine Heigl played Izzy’s grief well and it was a journey to see her begin to put back the shattered pieces of her life … Continue reading

Seasonal Colors For Scrapbooking

Using color in our scrapbooks, is an important part of the process. Understanding what different colors tend to signify, is equally important. Most colors strongly represent certain holidays, seasonal elements, moods and emotions. For instance, red and green are most commonly used at Christmas time. What other colors represent seasonal changes? With springtime knocking on my door these days, I’d like to show you what color palettes work best for the different seasons. Spring – Springtime evokes a feeling of renewal, new beginnings, and a certain element of freshness. These feelings are best represented when using soft and delicate colors. … Continue reading

Food Storage: Plan According to the Seasons

You may have noticed that you eat different meals with different seasons. In the United States, we are entering the comfort foods season. This means a lot of heavy home cooked food, like soups, stews, and potatoes. When you are planning your food storage you should take into consideration the different seasons and the types of foods you would like to prepare. You should then stock up and rotate using these foods at the appropriate time. In the summer people tend to eat lighter fresher foods. You may rely heavily on farmer’s markets, and fresh produce from the grocery store. … Continue reading

Changing Seasons

Have you ever had a feeling like something in your life was about to change; like a new chapter or season in your life is about to begin? That’s kind of where I’ve been for while now. In the past, prior to knowledge of a move, promotion or placement of a child in our home, I’ve had this feeling too. Maybe it’s just becoming familiar with the first tastes of a new season; like the crispness in the morning as autumn has approached, or the fragrant air of spring. Since I’m not sure exactly what God’s plans are for my … Continue reading