Teens Being Charged with Child Pornography

About a week ago I watched a segment on “The View” about a young girl who at the age of 13 met a man in an online chat room. The whole situation is quite disturbing. He apparently “talked” her into sending nude pictures. Not only that but he also convinced her to perform sexual acts with friends on her web cam. While I am somewhat sympathetic to the pressure she may have felt about sending pictures, I don’t feel quite the same about the acts she performed with her friends. How a person online can convince someone to do these … Continue reading

Mom Murders Teens for Being “Mouthy”

Tragic and unbelievable. Those are the words that immediately came to my mind upon hearing about the Florida mom who admitted to murdering her 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. Have you heard about this case? It’s all over the cable news networks. According to CNN, on the evening of January 27th, Julie Powers Schenecker allegedly shot and killed her two children for “talking back.” Police say the 50-year-old wife of a U.S. Army colonel admitted to them that she shot her son twice in the head with a .38 caliber pistol while she drove him to soccer practice in suburban … Continue reading

Sex or Sleep?

Hey moms, which would you choose as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift: a romantic night of unbridled passion with your sweetie or 10 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep? If you selected the latter, you aren’t alone. Far from it. In fact, a new survey found that nearly 70% of moms would rather sleep than have sex. The phrase “We ain’t getting any,” has new meaning for today’s moms. It refers to sleep. I know I’m not getting enough, are you? According to the survey’s host, Hybrid Mom, a female head of household doesn’t sleep—-EVER! Granted, the poll was unscientific, but … Continue reading

Lasting Love

Did you notice recently when I posted the article about the seven Fs I read about, that you need in a marriage the first one mentioned was friendship? That struck me at the time. The thing you might expect would be love. But no, it was friendship and food for thought. The trouble is love today has come to mean many other things. People talk about ‘falling in love’ when often it is a physical attraction or it’s tied up with lust and the sexual appeal of the other person. It’s how they feel when they are with them. We’ve … Continue reading

Teacher and Student Relationships: A Growing Problem?

I really feel a need to rant. I don’t know what others think but it seems to me that there has been a tremendous increase in the number of inappropriate incidences between teachers and students. In the past week I have heard of three separate cases where local teachers are being charged for having sexual relations with middle school or high school students. I can hardly believe that in just one week’s time there are three separate incidences in three separate school districts. What in the world is going on here? Last night I was watching my local news which … Continue reading

Now I’m Scared

As a parent, what scares you more? A. Having your child flunk out of school B. Having your child imprisoned for criminal behavior C. Having your child get sucked into a life of drug use D. Having your child get regular bikini waxes to please her boyfriend Up until a few days ago some of my greatest nightmares involved A, B, and C. Then, I received the following comment on a blog entitled: “Would You Allow Your Teen Daughter to Get a Bikini Wax?” and I was forced to add “D” to my list: “From a teens point of view, … Continue reading

Predetermining Choices in Marriage

When one person makes most of the choices regarding the wedding, a pattern for the marriage can be set up. In your marriage does one partner determine the marriage choices? Did one person determine where you would live? Or was it a joint decision? It may not be as big a decision as that. It may be in myriad little decisions, like what you do in your free time, what you watch on TV, or what movies you see. Marriage is about give and take. Marriage is a blending together of two people with sometimes different tastes to make one … Continue reading

Don’t Lust After Your Husband

“Lusting after your spouse is a sin,” our pastor claimed, paraphrasing actually from something he once heard Pope John Paul II once said. My husband and I looked at each other. Uh oh, I immediately thought. I have a healthy appreciation for my husband in that way, and was afraid of what was coming next. I thought that out of all of the people in the world, well, it was okay to be sexually attracted to my husband. But you know, the pastor, and consequently the pope were right. Once I heard the explanation, I had to completely agree that … Continue reading

Intimacy and Desire in Marriage

Today I have something a bit different for the marriage blog. I have a book review Intimacy and Desire Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship by Dr David Schnarch Paperback $35.00 This book raises several interesting and, I dare to suggest, controversial issues. One of them is that lack of sexual desire doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem in the marriage. This is certainly different to a lot of the popular view of the day and the impression we get from current movies and TV shows, which suggest that if you’re not have sex like rabbits there’s something drastically … Continue reading

Easy Ways to Burn Calories

I’ve slacked off on the gym, so now I am looking for ways to burn calories. I can across this list of easy ways to burn 100 calories from Our Lady of Weigh Loss, Janice Taylor. These are things I could (and probably should be doing): Vacuuming This I can do! If you vacuum for just 25 minutes, you can burn 100 calories. Janice, however, lives in a New York City apartment that only takes 10 minutes to vacuum, so she volunteers to do her neighbor’s vacuuming as well. Who is going to turn that kind of offer down? Drink … Continue reading