The Sense of Sight – Looking at the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

The sight may seem to be the easiest of the senses to promote for your little one and the truth is – it is the easiest. After all, you just have to hold things up for them right? The answer to that is yes and no. You see, your toddler doesn’t have your ability to filter out all the background sights to focus on individual objects without some effort. The world is a kaleidoscope of images, colors, shapes and sizes. You can play games like peek-a-boo to sharpen their acuity for focusing on specific objects. After all, when you are … Continue reading

Learn to Draw!

A coloring book and some crayons are fine, and drawing whatever a little mind can imagine is also good for creativity, but learning to draw is even better. It’s fun to learn and kids will love creating easy to identify pictures that they can show off to family and friends. Drawing is not as difficult as it might seem, especially when it comes to simple objects and cartoon like images. The trick is to look at things in a different way, and then draw what you see. You can help your child learn this process at a young age and … Continue reading

Boy Toys versus Girl Toys

It can drive you nuts when you are out shopping for baby and you see the gender separation of toys even at such a young age. You may wonder what’s going on if your male toddler enjoys playing with baby dolls and is it okay that someone gave your baby girl a play set of tools? The trick here is to realize that there’s a ton of research in this area, but most of it is undependable. Babies develop at different rates and are affected by everything from their environment (including whether they have siblings), to their parents to the … Continue reading

A Punch Above the Rest

Moving and storing my scrapbook area has been truly eye opening, as I’ve come to address issues that I was facing. I have been focusing on evaluating what I have, and reorganizing my supplies to make them easier to find and use, and make sure I don’t duplicate. For instance, I noticed immediately upon packing up items to move, that I had a plethora of idea books and scrapbook magazines. In fact, apparently I was so enamored by certain issues of scrapbook magazines that I had two copies of several, and three of one. I have no idea how that … Continue reading

Shape Sorters

I saw the toy on the shelf and figured, “Hey, my kid is a little over a year old. Why not buy her a shape sorter? It’s never too early.” So I bought the wooden shape sorting cube and we brought it home. At first my daughter just stared at it for a little while. She then proceeded to remove the top and dump the wooden blocks out. When she started handing them to me, I showed her how to put the shaped blocks in the right holes. SHe began imitating me immediately. Shape sorters are great for a child’s … Continue reading