Why Smart Shopping Strategies Can Ruin Your Holiday Budget

It is usually the early bird that gets the worm, but when it comes to holiday shopping, the early bird may also get the bigger bills. People who shop the sales may also spend more than those who plan on buying items at full price. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But according to the American Research Group studying holiday spending, the average family who shopped early spent 14 percent more on gifts on average, and those who shopped the sales spent a whopping 53 percent more on average. what about online Yikes. Want another strange statistic? Those of us who … Continue reading

How to Get the Best Price When Shopping Online

If you do a lot of online shopping, or even any online shopping, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this post. Did you know that you may not be getting the absolutely best price on your products? Forget coupons and coupons codes, although those certainly help to bring prices down. Instead, I am talking about a practice called “Dynamic Pricing,” in which who you are may affect what price you are being given on a product. Hotels and travel agents have been practicing dynamic pricing for years. Certain customers get certain rates, while other get the average or even … Continue reading

Online Holiday Shopping Tips

Shopping online can be very frugal when done carefully. Normally I am a big supporter of buying things used whenever possible, but of course there are times when that isn’t possible or appropriate to do. When buying things new, shopping online is usually the way to go for me. This is because I can take the time to shop carefully and take advantage of all of the incentives that online retailer throw in to get you to shop. Here are my tips for online holiday shopping. Do your research and price compare As I mentioned before, research is very important. … Continue reading

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday

While brick and mortar retail stores have Black Friday, online sellers have Cyber Monday. This is their big holiday sale kick-off, and while some sellers started early, you can still get some great bargains. It’s also a great way to tackle Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home. You may also find that with discounted shipping, you’ll spend less than you would after purchasing gasoline to travel from store to store. One great way to find the best bargains is to check out sites like NextTag.com or other similar comparison shopping sites. Click on the category you’re interested in … Continue reading

Tips for Shopping Online or via Catalog

Yesterday, the discussion began regarding online shopping and catalogs. Here are some tips to help you make the most of these convenient ways to shop: First, check out any company you’re considering doing business with to see if they are reputable. Make sure a site is secure before giving out your payment information. Check reviews of websites and catalogs online, check the Better Business Bureau, reseller ratings, or just type in the name with the word “complaints” and see what pops up. You can also ask friends and family to suggest catalogs and websites they trust. Be aware that some … Continue reading

Shopping Online or Ordering through Catalogs

Well, wouldn’t you know it? I’m here to brag about catalog shopping and Mary Ann’s showing us how to Tame Catalog Clutter. Those catalogs can pile up! I just hate getting rid of them. The good news is her system is simple, so we can all have less mess but still have fun shopping. The catalogs I do keep are quite handy. I think Mary Ann will be proud of me though, since I decided last year to cancel all the catalogs I don’t really need. I had the catalog clutter blues. They wouldn’t stop coming! Now, I only receive … Continue reading

Tips for the Best Holiday Shopping Deals

In many shops and stores, sales are in full swing, but they usually get even better the closer we get to Christmas (not to mention the great bargains after Christmas!). Yet, there are some extra ways that you can make sure you get all the best deals. In Store Specials First, check with your favorite stores for preferred customer discounts. You can call, but many prefer that customers ask in person. Ask the cashier at the check out or seek information at the customer service desk. Also, ask about in store coupons or other special promotions that are not always … Continue reading