Toddlers and Bath Time

Jessie was nine months old when she joined our family. We were already caring for another little girl who was 27 days older. After our experiences with the first girl, we thought the two would be able to take a bath together and have a good time. We put both little girls in the tub. Jessie wasn’t having any of it. We were not expecting that. We thought that maybe the bathtub was too big and she needed the blowup duckie tubby instead. We got out the other tub and blew it up. We filled it with water that was … Continue reading

Put Those Grounds To Good Use!

Has your relationship with coffee changed since becoming a mother? Mine sure has. I grew up in Seattle, and inevitably have had a lifelong love affair with Starbucks. I couldn’t imagine anything more refreshing on a warm summer afternoon then an Iced Vanilla Latte. Nothing warmed me up better during rainy fall afternoons than a Pumpkin Spice Latte. After I got married and the reality of paying bills set in, paying $3-$5 for a cup of coffee was no longer a reality. I soon began brewing my own Starbucks coffee at home. The love affair continued. Then, I got pregnant, … Continue reading

A Second Baby Shower?

A baby shower may be one of the most exciting and fun milestones in your first pregnancy. Nothing makes you feel more prepared to welcome the baby kicking your ribs then piles of adorable clothes, toys, gear and diapers. It’s generally accepted that you only get to have a baby shower for your first baby. Subsequent pregnancies? Tough luck. But are there exceptions to this “rule?” A few scenarios where a second shower may be acceptable come to mind: 1. It’s been five years or more since you had a baby and you have already gotten rid of your baby … Continue reading

Showers: More Than Just Hygiene, Says Study

Is a shower part of your daily ritual? Maybe you like one first thing in the morning, to get your brain going. Maybe you like one before bed, so the warm water can help you relax. A new study has shown that showering during the workday can actually help increase productivity! Four businesses took part in an eight week study sponsored by Mira Showers, a shower designer in the United Kingdom. (They’re owned by kitchen and bath powerhouse Kohler, in case you’re curious.) The study included ad executives, restaurant industry workers, architects, and more. Study participants were asked to record … Continue reading

Advanced Tips: Save Money in The Shower

Have you read my earlier article about saving money in the shower? It was all about very practical and easy advice for being frugal when getting clean. Now, for the truly frugal, or maybe just adventurous, I can offer you some additional tips. Many times I get comments or messages asking for more advanced ideas. You want to save as much money as possible, a great way to be! When it comes to something as simple as taking a shower, you can still really pinch all of the pennies that come your way. While some of these tips take a … Continue reading

Save Money in The Shower

Practicing a frugal life can mean paying attention to the little details of your daily routine and finding ways to economize until those ways become automatic habits. Use the example of taking a shower, for instance. There are many ways you can save money if you approach the task with a frugal mindset. Here are some ideas you can use. Shorter Showers. We all know that shorter showers save water and therefore money, but do you realize how much it can actually save? Water is by far the biggest expense of taking a shower. Not only do you have the … Continue reading

Even More Bathroom Thoughts

How can you make the most of whatever bathroom space you have available? The answer is not unlike that old expression about how one makes lemonade from lemons. Think about your space and how it could better reflect the personalities of those who occupy it. (Don’t go too far and ponder schizophrenia or paranoia; keep it simple.) Here are some more thoughts on a rather cluttered topic. Double Up An uncluttered floor helps a great deal in fostering the illusion of more space. (Actually, it is not an illusion because the clutter does take up space.) Consider installing two double … Continue reading

Throwing a Bridal Shower

If you’re thinking of throwing a bridal shower for a friend or loved one, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. The guest list: Who do you want to invite? Better yet, who would the bride-to-be want to be there? You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the bride’s relatives and friends. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave out her favorite dear Aunt Agnes, who has remembered every birthday since the day she was born! If you’re throwing a surprise shower, this might be especially difficult. Find a trusted relative and get a complete list of family … Continue reading

Bathroom Talk

Regular readers of my Travel blogs know that after the view, the first thing I look for in a superior hotel room is a nice bathroom. Now, finally, hotels are taking notice of customers like me. A recent trade publication just announced that: “After spending billions revamping bedding, bars and lobbies, U.S. hotels are starting to tackle guest bathrooms.” Well, hooray for that. It’s about time hotel management realized that bathrooms can not only distinguish their properties from their rivals, but also please guests (like me) who are looking for a spa experience… if only for a night. Of course, … Continue reading

Better Fitness Habits: Energy Boosts For Your Day

One of the excuses many of us use to avoid working out is that we’re too tired or we don’t have enough energy to make it through the workout, here are some tips to get you some fast energy boosts morning, noon and night. The Two Percent Rule – A shower always makes me feel two percent better whether I am exhausted, ill or just stressed. Rolling out of bed and into the shower may not seem to make sense when you’re going to work out – but a quick wash can refresh you and get you all ready for … Continue reading