Was Tabby’s Behavior a Harbinger of the Stroke?

My mom had her stroke on Tuesday, but reflecting on it now I’m wondering if Tabby knew something was up on Monday. Ever since my mom moved here, Tabby’s been her girl. She’s on her lap whenever possible, guards her room at night, watches the sun rise with her in the mornings, and in general keeps tabs on her wherever she goes. Basically, they’ve become best buddies. But on Monday, Tabby was even more of a shadow than usual. Right from the time my mom woke up she kept talking about the cat. “Come see what this cat is doing,” … Continue reading

Signs They Send After They’re Gone

Have you had “an awesome one” like Aimee wrote about? The kind of pet where your bond is ultra-powerful? So powerful that they find ways to communicate with you even after they’re gone? When I interviewed Sandra Worth she had mentioned experiencing something along these lines. A day when she felt her beloved Rex’s presence so strongly she knew his spirit was still with her. Ever since we moved to Nashville Budly doesn’t do it as much as he did when we lived in Jacksonville, but he used to send hellos to Wayne all the time –via tennis balls. Wayne … Continue reading

Garage Sale Signage

One of your best methods of advertising your garage sale, is going to be the signage you place around your area the day of the sale. Therefore, it is important to drive around your area and see where you can place your signs. Look where others are placing their signs, look at what you can see coming from different areas. For instance, be sure that people coming into your neighborhood from either direction, can see your garage sale signs. Store Bought Signs You can go to any hardware store, or even discount store and find garage sale signs. They are … Continue reading

An Aggressive Form Of Breast Cancer You NEED To Know About

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while I concentrated on making you aware of the various retailers helping to combat the disease, I neglected to provide much information on the most aggressive form of breast cancer–many women have never heard of it. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. Two years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer and underwent a series of treatments. Today she is still not 100%, but is on the road to recovery. Prior to her diagnosis I was aware of the disease (moderately), but knew nothing of the most aggressive form of … Continue reading

All About Me: What’s Your Sign?

It’s the old familiar pick up line – “Hey, What’s Your Sign?”. Horoscopes are fascinating, even if you don’t believe in them. They are fun to read and can provide entertainment for a few laughs. Astrology is interesting in it’s own right, if you take the time to read about it. Even if you don’t believe. However, some people take horoscopes seriously, and some are truly content with just occasionally looking at them just to see, just to check and find out if they are true. No matter which type of person you are, and how you feel about horoscopes … Continue reading

Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a problem that many teens face, especially if the teen has frequent feelings of not fitting in, low self-esteem or depression, or if there is a family history of drug use. As parents we often don’t know exactly what our teenagers are involved in and it isn’t always easy to tell. If you are concerned that your teen might be involved in illegal drugs you need to look for some common signs. The sooner you can intervene the better. Focus Adolescent Services lists five areas that parents can evaluate. Physical Warning Signs fatigue repeated health complaints red … Continue reading

M. Night Shyamalan – The Man Behind the Camera

Marjorie just blogged about one of my favorite horror movies, The Sixth Sense, but let’s talk about the man behind the camera. M. Night Shyamalan was born in 1970 in India but his parents (both doctors) soon moved the family to Penn Valley, Pennsylvania. He attended a private Episcopalian school in Philadelphia. Even as a youngster, he had a love for filmmaking. He attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where he acquired his middle name, Night. His film career started out very slowly. His first film, Praying with Anger, was shown at the Toronto Film Festival in … Continue reading