Looking for a New Simple Technique to Try?

Do you ever sit and stare at your major stash of scrapbooking supplies and wonder what new techniques to try to add a little personality or flair to your pages? If you do, you are not alone. It is typical to find yourself in a rut and wonder what you can do about it. Here are a few new simple techniques you can try and implement into your scrapbook pages this weekend. Fun Techniques: Sculpting Paper Paper sculpture has been around a long time. However I found a new and creative way to use it in your paper projects from … Continue reading

Photography Does Lead to Scrapbooking

Not all photographers agree that photography and scrapbooking go hand in hand. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I disagree. I think that creative, beautiful photographs should be displayed whenever possible, and that eventually you will run out of wall space and table space, so one should consider a scrapbook. But please read on, because it doesn’t mean what you think it means. A scrapbook is a collection of memories. Photographs collect these memories in a visual sense and when displayed can evoke many emotions in an individual. Photographers should definitely entertain the thought of creating a scrapbook. … Continue reading

When in Doubt—Try Simple and Practical

There is a lot of business advice flying around out there—especially now directed toward micro-businesses and home-based businesses (we’ve become so trendy!). For a person who might be new to entrepreneurialism, or just an ordinary person trying to have go at a small business—it can be overwhelming. It is a good idea, when things get to be too much, to just focus on what is simple and practical… As a rule, focusing on “practical” can be almost a no-fail way to get through a challenging time in any business. Of course, there is a time for taking risks and branching … Continue reading

Album in a Weekend

Creating an album in a weekend, is much easier than completing an album in a day. Some scrapbookers spend most of their time dedicating themselves to getting an entire album done in one single weekend. Sometimes this is because their schedules are so busy that they only have time to scrapbook on the weekends. Other times it is because that particular scrapbooker works best when they are organized and keep everything simple and clean. Tips to completing an album in one weekend: Papers and cardstock, as well as added embellishments should be kept simple, and only two or three colors … Continue reading

I am Broke and Grateful – Three Ways to Appreciate the Things You Have

Three years ago my husband and I were both employed full-time. While we certainly weren’t getting rich we were living very comfortably with the income I was making as a social worker and he was making as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Two children, and minus one full-time income later we are broke – and happy. I’ll admit. I am not always joyful about being broke. In fact, my husband and I went out on a rare “date-night” last night and ate at one of our favorite restaurants. I remember looking at the dessert menu and drooling over the $5.00 tiramisu and … Continue reading

Keep It Simple

Sometimes as parents we work so hard to make things fun for our children that we over do it. For example, last year when I went to visit my sister for a week we made sure that we had plenty of fun things planned for our children to do. We went to the park and had a picnic lunch. We spent a day at the zoo looking at the animals. Another day we visited a local children’s museum. Where our children participated in a variety of science, art, and reading related activities. The last day we went swimming at a … Continue reading

Book Review: Clean and Simple Scrapbooking

When I borrowed a copy of Clean and Simple Scrapbooking by Cathy Zielske I thought that it was going to be just a book with layouts from Cathy. I didn’t realize that it would be so full of interesting information that can be applied to the design of scrapbook pages. The book is divided in to six different chapters. Each chapter is full of Cathy’s layouts and text explaining that chapter’s topic. In chapter one, the author shares her insights on simple scrapbooking. Not only does she create simple, clean pages, she also keeps things simple by only photographing photos … Continue reading