Festival Disney

I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of Disney Youth Programs before now. I know I didn’t pay any attention to Disney outside of following its films until I started Disney blogging, but given how many events Youth Programs offers I’m just surprised that it took me so long to learn about it. Soon after announcing the dates for STEP Classic, the official Parks Blog gave word on the 2012 dates for its other music and arts competition: Festival Disney. However, the post on the parks blog site is meager; it mentions that the Festival will run on “select” weekends … Continue reading

Disney STEP Classic

I never realized Disney had so many opportunities for youth until I started writing about them. In fact, there’s a whole subsection of the company devoted to the concept: Disney Youth Programs. Someday soon I’ll have to spend a while on its official website and tell you all about it, but for now I want to focus on something specific: Disney STEP Classic. The 2012 dates for the Disney STEP Classic performances have just been announced, so now’s the time to sign up and start preparing if you or someone you know is interested. But for those not in the … Continue reading

Removing Summer Stains

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for light-colored clothing and activities that cause lots of stains on that clothing. Think barbeques, biking, and rolling down grassy hills: all of these are activities that are bound to stain your clothes. How can you take care of your summer clothes so that they look good at the end of the summer as well. It’s time for barbeques and burgers, but the condiments can be disastrous for white shirts and pants. What do you do if you drop ketchup or barbeque sauce on a shirt? First, scrape of the sauce and run … Continue reading

New Imagination Movers Album Out Tomorrow

All fans, or parents of fans, of Playhouse Disney’s bouncy Imagination Movers music quartet have reason for excitement this week, as a new CD from the band hits shelves tomorrow. Meanwhile, The Imagination Movers themselves resume filming their hit series in New Orleans this month. Stitch Kingdom reports that the band’s new CD, released on June 8, features 18 original songs from the second season of Imagination Movers. It also has some details of the third season of the show, which sees the Movers explore beyond the Idea Warehouse and meet up with even more surprise guest stars. I didn’t … Continue reading

For the Strength of Youth Series: Music and Dancing

Ahh, the memories of stake youth dances and the Book of Mormon distance between partners. Most of the time I didn’t have a particular boy I liked, so these dances were most often a time to go with my group of friends and have fun being silly and wearing funny clothes just for kicks. A bit nerdy, perhaps, but good clean fun. The For the Strength of Youth pamphlet encourages youth (and adults alike) to choose good music and dancing for entertainment and to help you become closer to the Lord. Music is a fabulous way to share how you … Continue reading

The Little Man and The Music

Long before our son was born he was listening to some great music. While in the womb our son was treated to audiophile headphones piping classic recordings (along with some recently released music) on vinyl records. My wife constantly spend time dancing with him to the latest pop music. He responded favorably to certain television theme songs and certainly seemed like he enjoyed and had found the beat. Music, it seems, has been a part of his life from the beginning. After he was born he’s still respond with recognition to certain songs. There is a pop music CD we … Continue reading

Disney Sing It: Family Hits

My husband and I are video game addicts. Console or computer, it doesn’t matter; we own a bunch of games and have played even more that we’ve borrowed from friends or swapped for others at GameSpot. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone here that my favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts. The super-popular Japanese franchise blends the action-RPG style of the Legend of Zelda games with an original and epic story line, one that includes character cameos from Final Fantasy (one of the most popular series of video games). But most importantly, the story revolves around … Continue reading

Hints of More Disney on Broadway

Music makes Disney great. Who could imagine wishing for a star, longing for a prince to come, or wanting to be a part of a new world without the uplifting swell of the famous scores accompanying those stories? As I’ve implied before, part of Disney’s magic comes from its music, and when that music isn’t strong the movie’s better off not trying to be a musical. It’s no surprise that, given the high quality of most of Disney’s musical movies, many of them have migrated to Broadway. While “The Lion King” continues its reign as Disney’s most popular musical theater … Continue reading

Will High School Musical Continue?

Parents, you might need to console your tweens and teens: it’s a bittersweet day for fans of Disney’s mammoth “High School Musical” franchise. After two Disney Channel movies, one silver screen flick, and countless albums, merchandise, theater and international spin-offs, the era of the Wildcats as we know it is over. But the story isn’t entirely finished, thus the silver lining to the cloud. Ashley Tisdale, who played the drama queen antagonist of the series, signed on to star in the spin-off tv movie “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.” The movie starts filming this summer for a 2011 release on the Disney … Continue reading

Musical Interests

I am very pleased that my son is already interested in music. My entire family plays musical instruments and sings and I am happy that my son has shown an interest as well. It doesn’t seem to matter what genre of music is playing, my son is singing, dancing or humming along with any music that he hears. He sings the theme song to television shows and listens to the radio in the car. He loves dancing to the music on different cartoons and movies. Over the weekend, we went to hear some of my family play music. It was … Continue reading