Sadie-in-Waiting – Annie Jones

“Sadie-in-Waiting” by Christian author Annie Jones is a delightful Southern story about a woman in her late thirties who has given over her life to the care and keeping of others. She has a hard time saying no or standing up for herself, and consequently, feels as though she’s been waiting her whole life for it to be her turn. Well, she has, because she’s never insisted on taking her turns. She’s always given them to someone else. And then she sits and eats black jelly beans, wondering why her life seems to be about everyone else but her. When … Continue reading

Thicker than Water (2005)

“Thicker than Water” was originally a made-for-television movie produced by Hallmark. Natalie (Melissa Gilbert) is a leading lawyer in a high-powered firm. Her father is a judge, and a long tradition of honor and respectability runs in their family. When her father passes away, Natalie doesn’t expect skeletons to come tumbling out of the closet, but they do. He left a box full of letters and pictures from his first wife, a wife Natalie didn’t know he’d had. To make matters worse, her name was Maggie May and she was a rodeo queen. Natalie’s not sure what to do with … Continue reading

Do Men with Sisters Make Better Husbands?

Wayne and I got to talking over the holidays about men and women and sometimes how hard it is for the one to read the other. He feels it’s easier for women to decipher men, but men are generally clueless about what makes women tick. And what ticks them off. And how to approach them when you’re in that dating phase. I was surprised to hear that from him. “You were nervous about talking to girls?” “Heck yeah! I didn’t know what to say to them. They were a complete mystery to me. You never knew what to expect or … Continue reading

Little Sister for Sale – Morse Hamilton

Kate is having little sister problems. First she finds the pigtail on her favorite doll chopped in half, then she discovers that all the strawberries in the bowl on the table have had the good parts eaten off. Abby did this – Kate is sure of it! Off she goes to find Abby, but she’s not anywhere. Not under her bed, where she usually hides when she’s been up to little-sister-mischief. However, Kate did find her favorite coloring book under there, all scribbled up! Then she finds her toothbrush all wet, when she’s not the one who used it. “Maybe … Continue reading

A Summer to Die – Lois Lowry

Meg is not as beautiful or popular as her older sister Molly. She has always envied her sister’s golden hair, perfect complexion, and the way all the boys look at her. Meg’s the smart one, she is told, but that doesn’t do a whole lot to boost Meg’s self-confidence when she feels like she’ll never be pretty. Meg’s father is asked to write a book. Unable to work in town, he moves his family out to a small house in the country, and Meg and Molly must share a room. This is hard on both girls – Molly wants her … Continue reading

All About Me: All My Sisters and Brothers

This is a fun topic for me to journal about in my all about me album. Why? Because I grew up with only one brother. We were close. But when I got older, I decided to search for my biological mother, and when I did I found two more brothers and a sister. Several years later my mother got remarried and now I have four step sisters. So growing up with one sibling and jumping to eight, is strange! I have loads to journal about. Spend some time thinking about your brothers and/or sisters growing up. Do you have older … Continue reading