What is a Scrapbook Product Swap?

Participating in product swaps has been widely popular on various scrapbooking message boards for years. It is an excellent way to get some new stuff that you can use, while getting rid of the excess products that you probably will never use again. These product swaps have been around for ages, including in other craft media. Typically, someone offers to host a product swap. This person then takes the names, email address’ and often snail mail address’ of all participants. She might also ask for a wish list or a top three favorite items, or perhaps even the type of … Continue reading

Can They Sense Death’s Presence?

In previous blogs I wrote how I suspected both Mackie and Budly knew their time was up when they died. Both acted differently than normal, broke their routines, seemed as if they were trying to savor their last moments as well as communicate with their humans that it was time to part ways. But can other animals also sense when the Angel of Death is hovering near? Do Cats Have More Than Good Night Vision? Something I don’t believe I’ve previously shared about Budly’s passing was that he wasn’t the only one acting strange –so was Mr. Meow. The night … Continue reading