Is There Any Way to Speed Up the Scanning Process?

If you have ever tried to archive boxes and boxes of old photos, film or slides in a single afternoon then you might have asked yourself that very question. I know I have. When my cousin bought a new scanner years ago I offered to help her organize old family photos so that she could archive them on her computer. She had three shoeboxes filled with loose pictures mainly from the 1970s that she wanted to scan in a single day. We both figured it would take no more than four hours to complete. Boy, were we wrong. Try four … Continue reading

Using Slide Mounts In Your Layouts

The first time I saw that a slide mount could be incorporated into a scrapbook layout, I was hooked! They are one of those flat embellishments that has so many awesome uses, and looks good too. What is a slide mount? For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a slide mount is, it is a small plastic square shape with a frame. A slide is inserted into the frame and the images can be projected onto a white screen. Pretty cool, but the uses for scrapbooking are much cooler! Here are a few creative ideas to use slide … Continue reading

I Don’t Do Slides (An Embarrassing Motherhood Moment)

Oh, the delights of motherhood. Like most parents, for me a trip to the playground means sitting on a bench, observing my kids from a safe distance. I have learned that venturing onto the equipment, for adults, is risky business. Not only is one’s personal safety threatened, but one’s personal dignity might go right down the… slide. It was nearly a decade ago and I still remember it. On a bright sunny Saturday in California, my kids wanted to go to the park. I indulged them. It was an older park with metal equipment and bolts, but its location made … Continue reading