Keeping it Small on Purpose

I often write about growth and “building up” a home-based business. But, many of us started our home businesses because we wanted to work on a much smaller scale. While we many want to boost our income, one of our main focuses may just be to keep our business small, personal and manageable—and that is absolutely all right! There is no law that states that all of us have to aspire to building a corporation or a conglomeration from our home-based businesses. Many of us actually never even intend for our businesses to be our main source of income—they are … Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Your Small Scrapbooking Space

Face it, a small scrapbook space is really hard to work around. I’ve known scrapbookers who have had to use an area in the basement, a tiny portion of the living room or dining room, and even scrapbook in closets. So what is the best advice out there for maximizing these small spaces? Let’s find out. Vertical, Vertical, Vertical I cannot stress this enough. Vertical storage is honestly the key to maximum efficiency in a small confined scrapbooking space. Utilize the space from the floor all the way up to the ceiling and everything in between. Hang peg boards for … Continue reading

Small Embellishment Storage and Organization: Pulling It All Together

There is simply no right or wrong way to sort, or organize your small embellishments. What you need to factor in, is the cost of your storage supplies, and how much of a budget for organizing you are on, as well as where you plan to store the items once you get them organized and into their proper storage containers. Space is very often another consideration. In an earlier article, I discussed sorting the embellishments to prepare them for actual storage. I also gave you some ideas of storage items you can use to store all these tiny embellishments. Hopefully, … Continue reading

Small Embellishment Storage and Organization: Getting Started

Small embellishments can be a real problem, when you are organizing your scrapbook space. Typically the reason is, because we tend to have so many different items. From buttons to eyelets. And brads, beads and charms too. It is just a chaotic mess, when you don’t know proper storage methods. First things first, you must figure out how you want to organize your embellishments. Not how you want to store them, but how you want to organize them before you store them. While there are dozens of ways to organize small embellishments, my preferred method is to first organize by … Continue reading