Tips for Getting a Scrap Area You’ll Love

We are not all blessed with our own scrapbook room. In fact, some of us make do by sharing a room with another part of the household. In addition, some of us don’t even have that luxury, some of us are blessed only with a cabinet or a closet. This can make getting a comfortable scrap area a lot harder to obtain. So what do you do when space is limited, you are on a budget and your area is simply not inspiring you? You get creative. Honestly, if you are a scrapbooker, you already possess the creative gene, so … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: August 6 – 12

If you missed anything this week, don’t feel bad. I missed a couple days myself, and had to backtrack to catch up. My area has been experiencing one of the worst heat waves in years and we had to conserve energy during the day to avoid power outages. There were days I had nothing on but air conditioners and fans (and sometimes the lights would still blink, making my heart race). With the heat index topping 115, I did not want my family to be without air conditioning. At that extreme, it goes beyond simple comfort and is more about … Continue reading

Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger

While some of these tips may help free up a bit of space, they probably won’t add much in the way of square footage in your small bathroom. Still, they will help make it feel larger and less confining. A great way to make a small bath feel more spacious is to remove shower doors, especially those that are not clear glass. Remove the entire structure, clean the area thoroughly, and hang a shower curtain rod and curtain in its place. While most people close the shower curtain after use to allow it to dry, it is a good idea … Continue reading

Are the Walls Closing In?

A small or dark room, especially one without much natural light or no windows at all, may feel rather claustrophobic. It’s probably not a space you, your family members, or your guests enjoy spending much time in. A woman I know had her basement finished to include a play room for the kids, an extra bathroom, and a guest room. The bathroom had a window, and the playroom had to small vent style windows but the guest room was an interior room due to the layout. Even after painting it a light color and adding more lighting, the space felt … Continue reading

Bedding with Storage for Small Spaces

My kids share rooms. The oldest two girls have the larger room, but there simply isn’t enough space when two teenage girls are involved. Clothes, purses, and accessories –not to mention shoes, shoes, and more shoes- seem to have taken over. I guess sharing a room is good practice for someday having a roommate. I have been looking for ways to make my girls’ room more organized, with thoughts of dorm rooms (*sniffle!) in the back of my mind, as my oldest will be a senior in high school this year. I want to start purchasing furniture now that will … Continue reading

More Suggestions for Small Spaces

If you have a small apartment or room or live in a dorm room (or perhaps your grown child does), here are some more suggestions and storage ideas that you (or they) can implement to make the most of small spaces. Purge and Purge Some More Obviously, the best advice is to get rid of anything you don’t need rather than finding a way to store things you don’t really use. Remember as well that purging is an ongoing chore. When space is limited, you have to constantly re-evaluate and keep only those things that are functional and necessary or … Continue reading

Decor Tips: Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces does not have to be an exercise in frustration. Small spaces can be just as comfortable and stylish as larger ones. All it takes is some creativity, efficient use of space, and an eye for detail. These simple ideas will help you pull your small rooms together and make them feel more inviting. To make a small room appear and feel larger, start with a light or bright color. Use this color throughout the space. Painting shelves, furniture and any other large items the same color as the walls will cause them to blend in rather than … Continue reading