Winter Safety Tips

Winter weather can be very serious. Several parts of the United States regularly experience freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow every winter. This kind of weather may look pretty in photos, but it can be dangerous to have to live in and deal with. Here are some winter safety tips that can help keep you, and your family, safe this winter. Snow Removal Safety The National Safety Council (NSC) has some safety tips regarding snow removal. They advise that people who are over the age of 40, and who are relatively inactive, should be especially careful when shoveling snow. … Continue reading

Snowing in Spring…Adjusting Our Frugal Plans

It is a few days past the official start of spring, and I am looking at a wintry wonderland just outside my window. The salt trucks and plows have been by, but they have to be diligent. Already the driveway and roads are covered with white. Despite about three inches of snow on the ground already and more to come, schools are not closed today. There is no excessive wind, and we are used to snow. The weather has been wrecking some havoc with our spring frugal plans. We can’t get started on our garden, and may lose out on … Continue reading

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Old Man Winter doesn’t want to loosen his frigid grip on the country.  So, what do you do when the snow is piling up and the temperatures refuse to rise over freezing?  Create a winter-themed scrapbook layout.  Or, if you live on a frozen tundra like I do, consider crafting an entire memory album filled with snowy seasonal memories. Take your kids and your camera outside for a bit and snap shots of winter play.  You don’t have to stay outdoors for an extended period of time; rather, go out with the goal of building a snowman, a snow fort … Continue reading

Today was a Great Day

Some days, I am so exhausted by the time that the boys go to bed that it is a wonder that I have any brain power left to write blog posts, do dishes, or do any of the other things that I do in between the time that they go to bed and my own bed time. Parenting small children requires a great deal of physical and mental energy, and some days require more than others. For the past few days it felt like it took enormous amounts of energy just to get through the day with everyone being fed, … Continue reading

Warming Hurts Ski Industry

What is it going to take for businesses to realize global warming is real?  What about a loss in profits? Americans love to ski and play in the snow.  And, it’s big business, bringing in an estimated $1.4 billion in state and local taxes and $1.7 billion in federal taxes alone.  But, lack of snow fall, perhaps due to global warming, has slowed the industry. A report done by two University of New Hampshire researchers for Protect Our Winters and the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that global warming is hurting ski resorts.  The study estimates the ski industry has … Continue reading

Snowy Days are Here Again

It’s cold outside right now, and as Dylan sleeps the night away, it is snowing like crazy. We have not had much snow at all yet this winter, and winter in Vermont is normally associated with snow and plenty of it. It is possible that this storm will bring anywhere between six and eighteen inches of snow to our home. Tomorrow morning, Dylan is sure to be excited when he sees what happened overnight. He loves to be outdoors, even in the snow and the cold. If you have a toddler or two at home, chances are that your little … Continue reading

5 Free Family Activities You Can Do Today

Forget buying the latest video game or springing for a couple of hours at one of those indoor kids activity places. Instead, try one of the following free family activities that you can do today. Zero cost but lots of fun. 1. Go for a Hike…Literally Being outdoors in nature instantly calms you and raises your spirits. Studies have proven it over and over again. Plus kids really do thrive on fresh air and exercise. A hike, or even just a walk in the park, can be an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, it is free. Bonus … Continue reading

Reasons to Remove Snow from Your Roof

Snow can be pretty, but it can also be problematic. Those who live in places that regularly get snow realize that they will have to remove snow from their cars and driveways. State Farm points out that that it is a good idea to take the time to remove the snow from the roof of your home, too. When I was really young, I remember a time when my family experienced a Midwestern blizzard. Snow piled up higher than I’d ever seen it before (or since). My father used a rake to knock snow from the roof. Once he cleared … Continue reading

Tips for Driving Safely Through the Snow

Winter weather often includes snow. Driving in snow is not the same as driving down the street on a nice, sunny, day. Here are some safety tips that can help you to safely drive through the snow and to avoid an accident, (and the auto insurance claim that would accompany it). Right now, I live in a part of California that doesn’t actually get any snow. This is a great relief to me after growing up and spending my young adult life in the midwest. I’ll be quite happy if I never have to drive through a snowstorm during a … Continue reading

More Snow Coming?

No, I have not given up my job as a blogger to turn meteorologist. In case you haven’t noticed lately, and I am sure you have, there seems to have been a lot of snow this winter. Even normally mild coastal North Carolina was graced with six inches of the white stuff recently. This has caused a lot of people to mock both Al Gore and global warming in general. I’ve read comments on Facebook like “Someone come and help me shovel all this global warming off my sidewalk.” There is even a “12 inches of global warming” video on … Continue reading