Design with Legos

This has got to be one of the best free software programs out there! Read on to learn all about it, including where you can get your own copy. My oldest son is crazy about Legos. He can spend hours designing and building creations. Little block people with yellow heads get to drive sleek vehicles such as a laser-powered space ship, or fortify themselves behind elaborate high tech fortresses. Sometimes his visions are so complicated that he attempts to put them down on paper first. That is why I know that this free software program will have him jumping up … Continue reading

Kids Web Menu

This free program helps parents keep their children, even ones as young as two, safe on the web. Kids Web Menu 1.4 is an interface that you can install for use on your Windows PC. The software works by limiting children to visiting only pre-approved websites. Parents can choose what websites the kiddies can visit, and password protect their selections. Once running, the interface cannot be minimized (parents can click in a special area to get out of the program), so the little ones can’t go browsing around the computer. The manufacturer promises that kids can play online without any … Continue reading

Backing Up Digital Photographs

Since we have discussed how to properly store your digital photographs, I thought I would take a moment to ask you if you are actually doing it and how often. In addition, it is important to discuss when to do it. There is a reason this is important to me right now. Yesterday while writing, my laptop started acting up. It took me a long, long time to figure out what was wrong, and I won’t bore you with the details, however one thing that kept crossing my mind was that every photograph I had taken in the past week … Continue reading

Are You “Optimizing” Your Business Computer?

I want to be the first person to admit that I do not know all the programs, bells and whistles that are available on my computer. The one I use for my home business is relatively new—I purchased it brand new less than a year ago and took it right out of the box, hooked up all the peripheral equipment and went right to work. And, while I feel pretty efficient, I am willing to bet that I have not even begun to optimize my business computer and use it for all the things it is capable of… Taking a … Continue reading

Download Some New Software

Avast Ye Mateys! Is a software treasure hunt. Can you tell that I am in pirate mode? That is because we are busy planning my son’s birthday party. He will be six and wants a treasure-hunting pirate theme. It is all about pirates right now, and fortunately, I was able to find some cool pirate-y software programs to occupy his obsession until the big day. has been providing safe virus and spyware free software for many years. I remember downloading programs from this website many years ago, when it was ultra cool just to have a screen saver … Continue reading

Wednesday Widgets: Photo Drop

Oh those wonderful widgets! One of the first things that people tend to do when they get a new Mac is to go crazy downloading widgets, those cute and useful little programs that are so much fun to use. More and more widgets are coming out each day. They are created by people all over the world to do everything from time your eggs to give you solid financial advice. Some of these widgets are truly amazing, while others, well, let’s just say they haven’t yet built that better mousetrap. I thought I would start a new series here in … Continue reading

Free Scrapbooking Software

Scrapbooking is my money pit. My mad money can quickly go from substantial to nothing when there’s a 6/.96 sale on paper at JoAnn’s or a half off clearance at my local scrap shop! It’s an addiction, but I can quit at any time, really I can. I don’t need to scrapbook; I do it because I want to. Does that sound like an addict? I wonder if they have 12-step programs for scrapbookers. I do try to be financially responsible in my scrapbooking, finding frugal ways to cut costs. I love free scrapbook-related things, whether they’re the Disney paint … Continue reading

1,2,3 Count With Me

I have always been a huge fan of everything Sesame Street. I grew up watching the show as a child, and attribute much of my basic knowledge, including how to could to ten in Spanish, to the show. There is something about the characters on Sesame Street that was always able to quickly grab my attention, and keep it until the show was over. “1, 2, 3 Count With me” is a thirty minute movie put out by Sesame Street. The video features Elmo, Ernie, and the Count and in the movie Ernie teaches kids exactly how important it can … Continue reading

Learn a Foreign Language on Your Computer!

Before I was able to graduate from college I was required to learn a foreign language. Never one of my strong suites I struggle through several classes, eventually choosing to do a summer study abroad in France in order to immerse myself in the language and satisfy the foreign language requirement. Foreign languages can be tough to learn, and as more and more foreigners move into the US a foreign language is always a good thing to try and learn. Your computer can be a valuable tool in a quest to learn a foreign language. I always learn a little … Continue reading

Scrapbooking With Picasa

Have you seen Google’s new software? Well, alright so it really isn’t that new, but it is free and it is downloadable and it is certainly worth mentioning! Plus it’s brought to you by Google, which means it has to be good! What is it called? It’s called Picasa. Picasa is a fabulous free program that allows you to sort, search, categorize and label all of your photos. In addition Picasa helps you find, edit and share all the picture on your PC. After installation, Picasa will instantly begin searching where you tell it to search for all of the … Continue reading