Understanding Your Deployed Soldier

While my husband was in Iraq, I discovered a brand new side to his personality. My husband is generally pretty laid back and it takes a great deal for him to really get upset in the everyday world. To say the very least, this was not the case while he was deployed. I was lucky enough that my husband had internet access in his tent so we were able to talk everyday online and without a doubt this was a blessing; it could also be a huge stress factor as well. I arranged my life around the computer as my … Continue reading

A Guaranteed Job with the Military

Today my husband came home and told me he’d been offered his indefinite period of service. More commonly referred to as IPS, this contract is usually offered sometime in military members’ third to last year of their twenty year career. So what does being offered this IPS thing mean? It says, in writing, that the member is guaranteed employment with the military until age 60. So, unless my husband breaks some big rules, he has a job until he doesn’t want to have a job anymore. It’s a good feeling in this age of downsizing corporations and cutbacks in all … Continue reading